Brandi Glanville ‘Rejuvenated’ Her Lady Parts ... for Revenge Against Her Ex?!?

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drinking and tweeting and brandi glanvilleEver wish you knew more about Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville and her crazy life with and without ex-husband Eddie Cibrian? Well you're in luck! She's telling all even more in her new book, Drinking and Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders. From what I've heard, the best part is where Brandi tells all about how she got revenge on Eddie: Vaginal rejuvenation.

This pretty intense surgery had an even more intense price tag: $12,000. A brand-new vagina would be an Eddie-free vagina .... I decided that since Eddie had ruined my vagina for me, he could pay for a new one. I gave [the doctor's office] Eddie's credit card number.

Yes, of course. The ol' lady parts swicheroo! If your husband has left you for another woman, you should definitely leave your vagina for a new vagina. That'll show him. I bet Eddie is super mad that he's missing out on the "new" Brandi. Ha!

Oh this just makes me sad. I mean, aren't there less radical ways to take out revenge on your ex -- ways that don't involve going under the KNIFE?!? Why cut yourself? Isn't this kind of just a really expensive version of cutting? Or are rejuvenated vaginas really a "thing" in Beverly Hills -- the kind of thing that makes a woman feel young in the midst of her mid-life crisis?

Because if Brandi wanted to hit Eddie where it hurt, she could have done any number of super expensive things instead. Take a trip around the world -- on his dime. Pledge a massive donation to the politician he hates the most. Sneak some elephants out of the zoo and release them in his house over the weekend. Pay a mean hairdresser to shave LeAnn's hair off. See? So many revenge possibilities! I'm creative. Talk to me first the next time you're planning your revenge.

Do you think Brandi's revenge on Eddie is sweet or sorry?


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purpl... purpleflower514

OMG that is so funny. But in reality if their marriage was so rocky that a few weeks filming with Leanne could break it up the state of her vag isn't much of an issue.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

And people like to claim that she's the 'sane' one in this circus...

From what I gather, her vagina was ruined by her husband because she birthed his children? What a selfish bitch.

sand008 sand008

She needs to get over it. Revenge? Is childish. Its BS what he did to her but she needs to stop being so bitter.

nonmember avatar ruthless1

I think it is sorry. He clearly isnt interested in her vagina so geting it all perked up doesnt mean anything. If it gives her self confidence, good on her...but dont call it revenge. It doesnt really hurt him in any way other than the wallet.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Ugh, Brandi! She seems to me as if she's still angry w/ Eddie.

nonmember avatar Tula

So she is complaining that she was homeless and living in her SUV but then proceeds to tell us how she spent 12K on her vagina? There is something wrong with this lady, should rent a small, nice apartment for her children be her priority #1.
I am starting to see why Eddie had to get away.

nonmember avatar No just no

Is this her way of getting back at leann. Telling the world about her new lady parts? Just makes her look like a selfish idiot with a weird plastic surgery vajayjay Eww

tbruc... tbrucemom

What the hell is a vaginal rejuvenation?!!!  I never condone cheating, get out if you're unhappy, but she just sounds crazy. For the record, Leann doesn't sound much better.  There are people out there without a home or enough food to eat and she spends 12k on something that all I can say is "WTF". I don't begrudge people that work hard spending money but I'm not sure how hard she worked for her money and there comes a point where I guess you just have more money than brains.

nonmember avatar Rhiley09

Ummm I just wanna know how much needed to be fixed down there for a 12,000 dollar price tag!! Talk about a money pit!

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