8 Reasons Robert Pattinson Should Trade Kristen Stewart in for Jennifer Lawrence

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robert pattinsonWHO will be Robert Pattinson's next girlfriend? Well move over, random Australian chick. Behold, for unto us a new relationship is born in Hollywood this blessed day. Robert Pattinson's next girlfriend shall be Jennifer Lawrence. As the Pharaoh in The 10 Commandments would say, so let it be written, so let it be done.

According to the latest rumors from a source which may or may not be reliable (Heat), Robert Pattinson has arranged for a date with Jennifer Lawrence. May we call you JLaw? Too soon? Okay. A pal of RPattz claims, "They've met a few times in Hollywood -- there is definite chemistry. They will see one another again. It'll be casual, but both are looking forward to it." So the rest of us might as well get used to it!

All right then, Robert. You're taking on Jennifer? Let's see how different your new, soon-to-be girlfriend is from KStew.

1. Taller: Kristen Stewart is five foot six. Jennifer Lawrence is five foot nine.

2. Not so skinny: Kristen is known for being super skinny. Jennifer claims she is fat by Hollywood standards, but I don't hear anyone else complaining her body, ever.

3. Humbler roots: Kristen was born and raised in Los Angeles. Jennifer grew up in Louisville, Kentucky.

4. Parents not in show biz: Kristen's dad is a stage manager and television producer; her mom is a script supervisor. Jennifer's parents ran a children's camp. Her father also used to work in construction.

5. Probably smarter: Kristen attended school up to seventh grade and then completed the rest of high school through correspondence. Jennifer graduated high school two years early with a 3.9 grade point average.

6. Bigger bad-ass: Jennifer just seems tougher. And I think Katniss Everdeen could take Bella Swan any time.

7. Better/more awards:

Awards and nominations for Kristen: Nominated for a Young Artists Award for four different roles. Has won several People's Choice, Teen Choice, and MTV Movie awards for her work in the Twilight series. Eleven Golden Raspberry nominations, but no wins there, yet.

Awards and nominations for Jennifer: Twelve awards for Winter's Bone; nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe (among many others awards) for Winter's Bone. Twelve awards for her role in Hunger Games along with five nominations. Golden Globe for Silver Linings Playbook along with several other awards and nominations.

8. Way better public persona: Kristin is spaced-out, sulky, and too cool for school. Jennifer is glad to be invited to the party and says smart stuff that makes us love her.

Well it's official. If this relationship happens (IF, I said), Jennifer seems like a much cooler girlfriend than Kristen. Robert would be lucky to win her -- and we hope he'd be a sweet and loyal boyfriend to her. I think Jennifer might miss what's left of her privacy if she starts showing up everywhere with Mr. Tabloid Candy, though.

Do you think Robert Pattison and Jennifer Lawrence might become the next big power couple?


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Lois Lynn Kingsbury

Stupid and ridiculous.... Find something better to write about.

nonmember avatar Pam

JLaw should have more sense than to trade down for a cuckolded manchild who took back a women who humiliated him and helped destroy a family. RPatz is not the bee's knees anymore. His image has taken a severe hit!

JennJ... JennJenn616

if you think something is stupid and ridiculous, why read it and then comment on it?  I find that to be stupid and ridiculous.

Barbara Belcher

I think Robert Pattinson should stay with Kristen Stewart. They are geat together. I don't like Jennifer Lawerence, I think she is very immature and i personally don't think she is a good actress!

Barbara Belcher

Robert Pattinson should stay with Kristen Stewart , They are Great together! jennifer Lawrence has nothing on Kristen.! 

Kristen Stewart is a young beautiful woman, while Jennifer Lawrence is young and not that mature!

Debra Anduaga

Yes ! Rob wake up and smell the coffee time to move on to women and forget about the girls. J L not to shabby!! at  least JL CAN PUT TOGETHER A COMPLETE THOUGHT AND SPEAK IN PUBLIC! well best of luck to the both of you!!

nonmember avatar Ana

Jajaja..really?? This is the most ridiculous thing that I ever read, Kristen Stewart is better than Jennifer Lawrence in so many ways. Whatever, I'm sorry, but in my opinion Robert Pattinson is ugly for any of this girls, he maybe should date an unknow girl and go away..!

SaphireH SaphireH

no way as much as i cant stand Kristen Id rather watch her than Jennifer any day. Kristin is a way better actress and i find Jennifer annoying and truthfully im happy her and Nicholas broke up because he could do so much better

seely... seely1979

One flaw to the trade. He does not love Jennifer.

rccol... rccola1945

  I don't know, that they need our approval, on anything. Rob, is hot, in his own way, & Kristen is a great actress. Both, Rob, & Kristen, are a little weird, in there own ways, but seems to work for them,  Why doesn't  everyone, just lay off of them. It's up to them, to say, who or, who not, to date, & be with.

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