'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout 'Heartbroken' Over Ryan Edwards' New Girlfriend ... But Why?

ryan edwardsTeen Mom Maci Bookout is supposedly "jealous and heartbroken" over the fact that her baby-daddy Ryan Edwards has a new girlfriend named Carlie Ralston. Why? Not really sure, being that this dude sucks. But the kicker of this tangled web of a tale isn't the fact that Maci is envious of Ryan's new relationship; it's how his new relationship started. Apparently, Ralston had her photo randomly taken with Edwards one night, then tweeted the pic, along with the message: "Got kisses by a celebrity. That was fun."

Seriously? A celebrity? Um, my dog is more famous than this yahoo.

Well, in some circles.

Anyway, apparently after Ralston's tweet, Edwards tweeted: "The red head tonight. OMG." He then wrote to a friend: "Did you find out my wife's name yet?" And then things escalated from there. Basically, it's a modern-day Pride and Prejudice kind of situation for any of you literary buffs out there.

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Look, I feel bad that Maci's feeling sad and heartbroken, because out of all the Teen Moms, she seems like she's got her shit together the most; and it isn't fun when anyone's feeling down. But Maci needs to get over this guy once and for all. I understand that he's the father of her child, but still -- he's bad times, and he doesn't bring a whole lot of good to the table.

It would be rough to watch Maci and Ryan get back together, and I certainly hope that doesn't happen for her sake, but if it's any consolation to her at all: I seriously doubt this romance will end like Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy's. So dry your eyes, baby girl.

What do you think of Ryan's new relationship?


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nonmember avatar Hollywood22

I hope that was a witty joke about Maci having her life together. She was crazy jealous the whole time Ryan was with Dalis, she tried to control Ryan, she belittled Kyle constantly. She is a control freak plain and simple. Although she is crazy in a different way than the other teen mom's, this one is still missing a screw or 2.

Also, what gives you the right to bash Ryan so much? He is always there for his Bentley. So he goes out now and then, what parent doesn't? Maci sure does.

nonmember avatar MomofTwo

Thank you Hollywood! Took the words right out of my mouth. I have no idea why this girl gets so much praise for being a "great mom" etc... she used her son constantly to manipulate Ryan as most crazy "baby momma drama" kind of ex's do. Who the hell invites themselves on their EX'S family vacation?!!! sorry but after that whatever slither of respect I had for her flew out the window! homegirl is NUTS! and I agree.. Ryan seems like a good guy... so he gets frustrated and acts out over her crazy clingyness... cant blame him for that!

Furry... Furrycreature

How is this a modern day pride and prejudice...

Ivie Gremillion

I love how people say they aren't famous, yes they are! They are famous, the cast of Jersey shore is famous and they all make more money PER season than most see in an entire year! They are famous, get over it!

Brandy Shirley

um where's the proof she's heartbroken? did she actually say she was?

nonmember avatar 90210

Hollywood, Ryan was not always there for his son..... Even in 16 and pregnant he was very neglectful and constantly partying... If it wasn't up to his parents then I doubt he would have even token care of his baby. His parents manipulated him into taking care of his son not the other way around..

Spooky80 Spooky80

why is maci heart broken and sad?? she has a bf already that she's supposedly head over heels in love with, she's probably heart broken because her and ryan were probably messing around with eachother a while ago and now he's messing with someone else 

Rhonda Mason

Maci be strong for your kid. Ryan is a no good father and he treated you like crap. he's a big baby and lazzy bum! you deserve way more than he will ever give anyone! Leave him in your dust honey!!!

nonmember avatar seriously?


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