Whitney Houston's Brother Is Living With Guilt for Introducing Her to Cocaine (VIDEO)

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Michael HoustonYou've got to hand it to Oprah Winfrey, she has a masterful touch when it comes to prodding uncomfortable revelations out of people. When sitting down with Whitney Houston's mom, Cissy, on Monday's Oprah's Next Chapter, she got Cissy to admit that it would have "absolutely" bothered her if Whitney was gay (Oprah rephrased it a couple times for the camera's benefit, with Cissy doggedly repeating that she wouldn't have liked it, "Not at all"). But perhaps the biggest bombshell came from Whitney's brother, Michael, when he reluctantly confirmed he was the one who introduced Whitney to drugs.

Pretty big news, considering the entire world has placed this particular burden squarely on the back of a certain Mr. Bobby Brown.

Houston's mother Cissy has authored a book called Remembering Whitney, and in it she writes about the devastation she felt when she discovered Whitney and her brother -- who were so close Whitney referred to him as her twin -- did drugs together.

In Oprah's interview, Michael really does look racked with guilt. He says,

I’m living but I’m not alive without her. I feel responsible for her. I always have. I just felt like I should have taken better care of her.

Here's the video:

Michael says the fact that he introduced cocaine to Whitney is the demon he can't shake ("Every day. Every day. It's something I got live with the rest of my life") and I can only imagine how he must feel. But the truth is, Whitney made her own choices. You can't blame Bobby Brown, Michael Houston, or anyone else for what happened to her.

Still, it's kind of a huge surprise to hear that it was her own brother who gave her her first taste of cocaine. I'm sure most people have long believed it was Brown who did that. Not that this news exonerates Brown from his many well-documented troubles, but when he spoke out after Whitney's death and said he wasn't the one who introduced her to narcotics, no one believed him. Now the public finally knows the truth -- for whatever good it does. Hopefully for Michael Houston, this revelation will help him start to heal.

Are you surprised to hear it was Whitney Houston's brother, not Bobby Brown, who first gave her cocaine?

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nonmember avatar Jenny

The media (and Clive Davis) was so desperate to blame a young punk from Orchard Park projects for sullying their pop princess they threw out all evidence to contrary. When people were wondering what did she see in him? They had a mutual connection through addiction.
I'm glad that her brother admitted what happened. Perhaps he can start the healing process when he's no longer trying to protect the lie.

nonmember avatar tina

Here's what I think about Cissy and her lowdown son and it's not all that kind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwtQnsad53E

4cadi... 4cadillac

I believed bobby wen he said it wuznt his fault.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

I already knew Bobby didnt introduce her to drugs she was older and he didnt start the hard stuff until he met her. I love Whitney's music but a dope head is still a dopehead.

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