'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Ex Is Already Dating & You’ll Never Guess Who

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Jenelle Evans Courtland RogersJust when you thought the Jenelle Evans divorce debacle couldn't get any stranger, this happened. The Teen Mom and former fiance Gary Head seemed to have switched partners Wife Swap-style!

While not officially calling themselves boyfriend and girlfriend, Jenelle and Gary are spending oodles of time together. He even accompanied her to the hospital during her miscarriage. Meanwhile Jenelle's husband (they're not divorced yet) Courtland Rogers is hooking up with none other than Gary's ex!

Confused? Let's walk through this one.

Jenelle and Gary were engaged last year until she had him brought up on assault charges in June. They broke up, and she moved on, eventually marrying Courtland in December after two months of dating. Meanwhile Gary had moved on too. He began dating a girl named Jade Dolph.

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Fast forward to last week when Jenelle's marriage to Courtland imploded. She and Gary started spending every waking moment together (at least if you go by their constant Tweets about activities they're doing together). And now Courtland has come out with the zinger: he and Jade are hooking up, and they're doing everything they can to hurt their former flames. Just check out this evil tweet from Jenelle's husband:

She is sooo much sexier than jenelle lol omg I'm in love thanks Gary !!! ;) pic.twitter.com/ynD9OqWi

Ouch! Either Courtland thinks he can get his wife back by making her jealous or he is just one cruel dude for shoving this in the Teen Mom's face and insulting her on top of it. Either way, moving in on his ex's new guy's sloppy seconds stinks of desperation. Can't he find someone who isn't related to Jenelle in any way, shape, or form to hook up with? Or, I don't know, maybe stay single for awhile? He is just getting out of a marriage after all!

What do you think of the partner switch?


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Christina Ann Pettypool

I am sorry i think they are doing all this crap just to get attention from people they need to grow up and be adults and quit trying to just get attention i am really getting tired of hearing about them cause all it is is drama

Amy Adams

They both are sick. They feed of relationships and need it. When it's good it's great when it's bad it's just plain nasty. I belive these two will do anything for attention In cludding a fake preganacy to make a quick buck. I'm sure she then sold the story of her made up abortion as well.


nonmember avatar kristen

These people are a friggin mess. Its absolutely disgusting

Hermosa Buenrostro

he aint worth shit scanless as foo she can do better then that way better a foo like that just wants fame thats why he doing it jumping on 2 the 2 teen moms n it seems he dont even care about the lost of the baby that foo needs 2 get his ass kicked

nonmember avatar Lindsey

They're all stupid as hell and jenelles a whore. Quit sleeping around, quit getting pregnant, start & finish school and be a MOM!

nonmember avatar shell

Doesn't take much to be sexier than Jenelle. She's ugly outside and in. And they are 3 sick in the head.

Cody Nicole Fischer

and this is how STD's get passed around. Good grief

Brooks Murphy

i think court is a crack head

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