Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Relationship May Be in Better Shape Than We Realize (VIDEO)

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robert pattinson kristen stewartOne minute Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are on the brink of a total breakup, the next, Kristen's hopping on a plane to visit her honey Down Under. It's really difficult to know what to believe about these two, but one thing's for sure: They're not at all on the same hemisphere right now, and that's probably for the best.

A source tells E! that despite the distance, "all is good" regarding their relationship, and Kristen is reportedly "not concerned" about the temporary separation and "he isn't either." In fact, "she still plans on going to visit him at some point while he is there filming, but definitely not now."

Well, well, well -- sounds like just about the smartest move Robsten has made yet!

Oh, sure, there's this romanticized idea that the happiest couples are the ones who are most inseparable. I'll never forget how Paul McCartney once said that he and his late wife Linda only ever spent 11 nights apart the entire time they were together -- and that was only because the former Beatle went to jail in Japan for marijuana possession. That's totally sweet, but most of us -- no matter what the state of our relationship -- could use a little distance from time to time. And the result is often very positive.

Being apart from your partner helps you to not only be more independent, self-aware, and in tune with your wants and needs, but it lends itself to valuing your relationship even more. You start to think how grateful you are for your sweetie and all the little things. And then, whenever you do reunite, you're even more blissfully in love. Let's be honest here -- make-up sex and reunion sex are totally in the same ballpark!

That said, when or if KStew does decide to make the trip to Australia to see RPattz, let's not be surprised if their seemingly shaky romance will be back on in a big way.

In the meantime, check out this report on Rob's solo arrival at a Melbourne airport ...



Do you think these two will have a reunion Down Under soon? Does time/space apart from your honey do wonders for your own relationship?


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Lulu Collazo


nonmember avatar Joyce

Short periods apart always spice things up for my husband and me. Everything becomes fresh again, if only for a short while. It's worked for us for 20 years.

nonmember avatar Maria Clara

The Stir story on Robsten is very positive
and makes their fans, like me, happy. We believe they'll be together for a long,long time since Robert Pattinson loves Kristen Stewart to take her back. Sure sign of real love to me.

nonmember avatar apsara

Rob would be taking a wise decision to split from the cheater Gf . Good luck Rob .

nonmember avatar Babe108

This two are doing fine, except you people are causing the trouble, especially those who are immature and childish saying the RPatz are better off with another person. He is not as damb as you are, he knows what he wants. Relationsip needs a lot of work, even you don't cheat, learn from that. If they can endure all of these their relationship will be stronger and lasting. Wish both of them a forever love.

Theresa Hallford

If I recall correctly He is filming a movie in Australia.

Patricia Chavallo Fairbrother

So funny I heard the reason she cheated is so she would get pregnant with the director guy and say it was Rob's baby!! She knows the director can have babies and they look alike everyone knows how bad she wants Rob's baby so that would be the easy way to trap him! Sounds like her!

nonmember avatar mel

Regardless I want them to stay together no matter what. They are my dream couple. Please rob and kristen, find a way

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