Jenelle Evans Heads to Bar After Miscarriage & Doesn’t See Anything Wrong With That

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jenelle evansLet's say you're Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, and you just went through the horrible experience of having a miscarriage. Worse, some people are calling you a liar because they think you made up the entire pregnancy for publicity. Would you go to a bar with your ex-fiance mere hours after you've been released from the hospital? Jenelle did. On January 25, the troubled reality star had a miscarriage, then met up with Gary Head at some "weird ass" bar.

Well, first they met at a Waffle House, then headed to the bar where Gary was working, so I guess the true timeline reads something like: have miscarriage, eat waffles, go to bar.

For the record, Jenelle says she wasn't drinking. Also for the record, Jenelle says they had to leave the bar because someone was threatening to taze her

Taze her.

Here's the thing. If everyone thought I'd faked a miscarriage for publicity, I don't think I'd go out the night I was released from the hospital. Even if I was in the right head-space to hit up a bar and release some pent-up energy after what I can imagine was a harrowing and traumatic experience, I don't think I would, if only because I wouldn't want non-believers to use it against me.

Because, let's be real, it doesn't exactly seem like something someone would do after they just lost a baby. Going to a bar with friends is what most people do when they're in a good mood or are feeling celebratory -- it's not something most people do after a hospital stay and a spontaneous end to a pregnancy.

Naturally, Jenelle doesn't see anything wrong with it, and tweeted "Bye, Twitter" to those who gave her a hard time about her behavior. 

I'm not saying she faked her pregnancy, I'm just saying that her post-miscarriage outings certainly make it seem like she did.

What do you think?


Photo via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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purpl... purpleflower514

Maybe she thought going out would cheer her up?

kassy129 kassy129

REALLY!???!?!?!  Who the heck really cares?? I think her going to the bar after a miscarriage is less offensive than making a big deal about it.  Also, does it really surprise you?!?!  Must be a VERY slow news day.

nonmember avatar really

I don't see anything wrong with that. I had people over the same day I had my SA ( spontaneous abotion). I don't see why you should stay home and wallow. Sometimes you just need a drink and some company.

2nino... 2ninos4me

It was a baby only to pro lifers because those who have had abortions or believe in them only think is a baby after its reached the 20+ weeks gestation ... Anyway , she is jenelle so anything fucked up and crazy is expected of her at all times . And i think her losing her child was better because her mom barbara doesnt need another child to raise , im referring to the fact that she is mom to jace and not his grandmother . And no child needs to know that he/she is rejected by his/her mother just like jace is

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

Wow. You believe that her "losing her child was better"?? Not saying she would make a great mother, but that is really harsh, just because you don't like her. 

tuffy... tuffymama

My BFF from high school had a miscarriage when we were 23. She went out the next night, because it was driving her crazy to sit at home. She had a rough upbringing and hadn't developed healthy coping skills yet. It's sad but true that she's the least messed up of her living family. Maybe this girl comes from an unloving mother? Girls with mothers who don't nurture them as chidlren and teenagers typically make horrible decisions as young women. I've observed that myself, and I remember that a cervical cancer/promiscuity/non-nurturing childhood environment statistical correlation was quoted pretty importantly in my Psych 101 class a jillion years ago.

paige... paige8608

Going out to a bar after a miscarriage sounds EXACTLY like something Janelle would do.

Susie Terry

You don't know many bar regulars, do you? They aren't there to celebrate, they're there because they're sad and lonely and have nowhere else to go. Stop judging and let the girl deal with her loss in her own way.

Jai Hutto

@paige8608: You are absolutely right...that is exactly what I would have expected her to do.

March... March12momma

Not that it matters, but I believe it was faked. Look at the bathroom pictures above. It appears she just pushed her tummy out a little. I mean, what are the chances every single thing in her bathroom is exactly the same.. If those are supposed to be before pregnancy and after.

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