'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Leah's Mom's Reaction to Her Engagement Is Very Telling

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Teen Mom 2It was full-on DRAMA on Teen Mom 2 Monday night. Leah got engaged to Jeremy after like two weeks of dating, Chelsea was sobbing over Adam's birthday, and Jenelle was on an adult version of Scooby Doo trying to figure out who helped to create Jace. That's always a classy pursuit, no?

This is really the first we have seen Jenelle openly admit that Andrew may not be Jace's father and, to her credit, she is taking steps to find out the truth. Of course, the number of things she did wrong in this scenario -- sleeping with a friend's ex, sleeping with two men sans birth control at the same time, not mentioning any of this earlier -- are too many to count. But we will let those slide.

Hopefully, Jace will know who his father is at some point. But how sad for this poor boy that his mother wasn't more responsible. And how sad for the thousands of people who can't have children that this woman with this mess of a life can keep on having babies. Even so, she wasn't the real drama of the night.

That honor was given to Leah.

She got engaged this episode, admitted to removing her IUD, and ended up pregnant all in the span of about the 20-minute episode time. Wowza.

From the outside it looks like she is insane. She is rushing into a marriage and a family with a man she barely knows. Her mother's response to her engagement was so telling. There were no tears of joy or even any indication she was happy. She sounded resigned and basically told her she was old enough to make her own decisions.

If your mom isn't happy about your engagement, that's a BAD SIGN (just FYI). What is the rush? Leah has at least another 15 years of fertility and she has only known Jeremy for a few weeks.

Marriage and babies are (SHOCK) big, huge commitments that shouldn't be entered into lightly. Ever. So why is this so hard for these girls to grasp?

Maybe if they spent more time on themselves and less on their relationships and this myth of the "perfect family," they would be happier in the long run. Just a thought.

Did you think Leah's engagement and baby are good ideas?


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nonmember avatar Stephanie.r.e

Leah's sister or whoever was getting her nails done with her didn't seem happy either. Leah didn't seem happy about the positive pregnancy test. After taking all 3 of mine I couldn't stop smiling like a dork! I follow articles and such so I know they're still together and all of that but I don't expect it to last. She doesn't seem to think anything through.

Janelle is just pathetic. I can't think of any good quality or anything good that she does or brings to anyone.

I'm happy for Kailyn.

Chelsea bugs me. I with she would stop talking like she's 14. She drags out her words in that whiny voice.

nonmember avatar Angel

They're grown ups, it's their lives, we live and we learn..part of that is making mistakes and figuring things out for ourselves...so its no ones place to judge.

Judith K Littles

Most of the teen mom girls seem to have nothing that is propeling them forward in their lives. I think, that's sad for them and their children.

Chelc177 Chelc177

 It is easy to look in on a situation and judge, especially that of a young mom. I am a young mom, not on purpose. I am on my second child (again totally unexpected). The father and I are still together and we are happy. Yes we were not ready to have kids, but we are good parents, and I couldn't imagine my life without my daughter. I do get looks from time to time, and I just ignore people. They do not know my situation, and if they want to judge me by what they see, or by what they think they know, that is on them. It is sad how some people can think like that. 

Sierr... SierraLynn

Janelle needs a kick in the ass. Wow.

Leah, I couldn't tell if Jeremy knew she took her IUD out or not. From they way it sounded, he didn't know. which is sooo incredibly manipulative and just wrong. Seeing his reaction like 3 seconds after he out the ring on her finger and her bringing up kids made me laugh. He had the "what the hell did I just do" look. Dumb all around.

I am happy for Kailyn. She is doing well.

Omg I wanted to reach in the tv and slap Chelsea. That girl needs a hefty dose of reality. I love how she also says that she is a grown up and responsible. It's taken her what, 2 years to take all of her GED tests? Her dad pays for everything for her. Phone, house, ugly jeep. good lord.

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