Honey Boo Boo’s Mama Reveals How She Fell for Sugar Bear


june and sugar bear

It doesn't matter what the rest of the world thinks of June Shannon's looks. All that matters is that her man Sugar Bear thinks she's the most "beautimous" woman in his world. It's a match made in redneck heaven and Mama reveals just how the two met and fell in love. No -- it wasn't at a mud boggin' rally. It's actually quite sweet ... and something every single woman who has tried to find Mr. Right in the last decade can relate to.

The live-in lovers met in a chat room on the Internet. "It was supposed to be a random hookup thang and here we are nine years later and a kid," said June on the "You Don't Know Boo" special. That is certainly proof that Internet dating does work for everyone! And I mean EVERYONE!

People may poke fun at the way they live, but there is no disputing they way they love -- and that's deeply. "When I met June it was love at first sight," added Sugar Bear. "I know she loves me and she does a lot for me. We have been happy ever since." Though, while June is committed, she has a slightly different take on their first encounter. "Was it love at first sight? No," she quips. "Was it bed at first sight? Maybe. You got to try the milk out before you buy the cow!"

Either way, they are a perfect team. After June dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween, he said, "When I saw June in that blond wig, it made me a little frisky and I kinda wanted to jump some bones." She's equally turned on when Sugar Bear puts on his Santa costume for their annual Christmas in July celebration. "You need to wear this tonight to bed -- that is smexy," she cooed at him. "Oh you're so smexy."

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Do you think Mama and Sugar Bear have a solid relationship?

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MaryC... MaryCimino

There are times I think they are shaved-down bears and taught how to shit inside, and then they have their intelligent moments. Like this one, unconventional way of meeting but it's obvious they are in love.

Blues... Blueshark77


They aren't a perfect family, but who is? Their health habits need some work. I do respect that June is putting the money from the show into trusts for her daughters, and not spending it all on shopping, plastic surgery or whatever else reality stars blow their money on.

Londo... London420

I love that June doesn't sweat the small stuff whereas another mother of (8) on here can't see beyond the small stuff.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

My husband and I met online 12 years ago. Been "together" for 10, married 6 and have 2 beautiful kids together. Online dating CAN work, just be safe :-p

Blues... Blueshark77

Evalyn, I met my guy online too. Together almost 6 years and a baby on the way.


butte... butterflyfreak

I am also half of a match made online! My husband and I have been together for almost 8 years, with a 5 year old that we love to pieces.

Eliza... ElizabethGracie

Wow,I hade no idea that they weren't married.

nonmember avatar K

Despite how much they can gross me out, it's impossible to deny the love that family has for each other. They really do care, and she's really responsible with the money they make.

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