'Real Housewife' Sues Internet Commenter for Saying Mean Things

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lisa hochsteinReal Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein is suing an Internet commenter named Jessica Lederman who went off on her in the lovely comments section of an "entertainment news site" (no, not this one!), making claims that Hochstein "worked as an escort and did soft porn in Las Vegas." Hochstein filed suit, seeking more than $15,000 on the basis that A) these claims are untrue, and B) these claims have caused her "severe emotional distress"; damaged her reputation; and threatened her social life and employment.

Suing a commenter, eh Lisa? You must be new here.

While I think some of the things people say online are absolutely disgusting, and I do like the fact that a mean Internet commenter who's spreading lies has been exposed -- come on. Deal with it, Lisa, and move on. You're an extremely wealthy woman who's looking kind of petty suing someone who's much less well-off than you.

I get that it's not like this woman just wrote: "LISA IS AN UGY BICH WHO TINKS SHE'S SO KEWL BUT RLLY SHE JUST SUX!!!!!!!!!" What was written was actually a pretty intense accusation and, quite frankly, slander. But still. This is how it works in this lawless jungle. The Internet is like being on a perpetual cruise without the jumbo crab legs or poop deck. It isn't fun being on the receiving end of nasty remarks, but it isn't changing any time soon.

"Celebrities" have mean things written about them all the time. Both by websites and rag mags and Internet commenters. It doesn't mean it's right, but it sort of comes with the gig -- especially when that gig is reality TV. Imagine if Kim Kardashian sued every time some wrote something rude or false about her in the comments section. Or Snooki. Or Emily Maynard.

In my opinion, the best thing to do, Lisa, is to just not read the comments. You're never going to feel good after doing so. Just sit back and enjoy your beachfront Miami mansion, and try to remind yourself that the only thing that really matters is the opinions of the people who actually know you.

And you can trust me on this one. I'm kind of an expert.

Do you think Lisa is ridiculous to sue an Internet commenter, Internet commenters?


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nonmember avatar Todd Vrancic

And your attitude is exactly why people who write untrue and hurtful things about celebrities so often get away with it. Sorry, in my opinion, people who write libelous things ought to be held accountable. There are times, and Ms. Hochstein has decided that this is one of them, that you have to do more than merely expose the person for their lies. Sometimes you have to aim for the wallet to make the point. After this, I bet people writing about her will make sure to do their research before they publish.

MaryC... MaryCimino

This is why aliens haven't contacted us yet, they see these morons and see no intelligent life here. I weep for humanity at times.

Juliana Lucero

So did she win or what? If it's not true than she should win. Why should you be able to print lies about people just for your own entertainment or to get paid for your article if it's a lie?

Rhonda Fomby

Free speech does not include making libelous slanderous statements that cannot be backed up with actual fact and/or proof.  Fact is you can be sued for libel and slander whether you have millions or have nothing.  Now if they had added the words, "I'll bet" or "She looks like..", they would have been stating an opinion and it would be stupid to sue because you can't sue anyone for their thoughts/opinions.  What do you want to teach your children?  That if they're going to go around slamming people make sure they have the facts.  Or better yet, if you can't say something nice....

nonmember avatar Malissa

I don't think that's ridiculous. It's called holding people accountable for spreading untruths. I don't think she cares about the money. It's the principle.

whood... whoodathunk

Good for her for taking the effort to expose her and hold her accountable!  People shouldn't be allowed to hide behind a computer and tell lies and slander people!

meowsrus meowsrus

Wow, so you're all for BREAKING THE LAW by making horrible things up about a person, causing them emotional grief, damaging them, their reputation, and ability to earn, if they are already in the public eye and also have money already.

Just how did you get your job? Me thinks your bosses need to reconsider your position.

Karma... KarmaGrant

Lisa has given an interview and she says it wasn't just a random commenter, that if it was it wouldn't have been an issue. It's someone she knows. This changes my view on it entirely. I still believe random idiots on the net saying stuff isn't a big deal and apparently she feels the same. I also agree with her that when it's someone you know it's a lot different.

tuffy... tuffymama

I'm a little concerned about the precedent that could be set by the outcome of such a case. Is this commenter connected to a tabloid or other publication? If not, I say let it lie. Yes, it bites that someone says nasty things about someone, and it isn't ladylike, but when you are "famous," and you put yourself out there, you kind of have to expect these things to crop up. To me, handling it with a tight lip and some grace would do more to build a good reputation than suing someone who posts shit on a stupid website.

tuffy... tuffymama

Ah, scratch that after reading Karma's comment. If it is someone she knows, then she should sue the fake tan and Blahniks right off that woman.

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