Vampire & Zombie Baby Dolls Are Super Cute ... If You’re Into Super Creepy (PHOTOS)

ryan zombie babyOkay, you know those uber-realistic Reborn Dolls? The ones that look so much like real live babies, some people even carry them around pretending they ARE real live babies? I have to admit, even though I'm totally impressed by how detailed and accurate they are, for some reason, those things give me the creeps. So you'd think vampire and/or zombie versions of Reborn Dolls would really freak me out, but I had the exact opposite reaction when I saw the amazing creations of artist Bean Shanine at The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery -- for some reason, I think they're way cuter than the originals! (Maybe because they're not fighting their inherent freakiness?)

Anyway. If you like Twilight, True Blood, The Walking Dead, or anything else having to do with immortal/undead creatures, you'll love these warped wee ones. Even if you haven't played with dolls for decades.

Images via The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery

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