Miley Cyrus Braless 'Cosmo' Cover Reveals More Than Cleavage

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Miley Cyrus CosmoMiley Cyrus is making headlines for her shocking appearance once again. This time it's for her cover shot on the March issue of Cosmopolitan in which she appears braless, sporting just a white suit. 

Via twitter, she hyped it up: "Who ready for @cosmopolitan to start givin up the goods?!?! So excited for y'all to see my cover." So I'm not sure it's really "the goods", but you can see some pretty significant cleavage.  It's less skin than plenty of others Cosmo covers we've seen, and while there's plenty of outcry against the Disney darling for this move, it's pretty classy really.

I'm no huge fan of Miley. Actually I'm not sure what she's really done since Hannah Montana of which to be a fan, but I do get tired of all of the Miley Cyrus hate. People love to slam this girl from her hair to her habits with vehemence, and I'm not sure why.

Reaction to the cover has been no different. From people saying she's "trailer trash" and "trying too hard" (and those are some of the nice ones), people are acting like Cosmo is usually covered with people dressed like nuns. Yes, Miley seems to like attention, but what celebrity doesn't.

And honestly for a childhood star, she seems to have things pretty well together. She's no Lindsay Lohan that's for sure. So what if she shows off her hot, young body?

She, however, doesn't seem to let it get her down and reveals that she has found the best form of revenge -- happiness, most notably with her fiance (or husband?!) Liam Hemsworth. She's clearly head over heels for him. She told the magazine:

I'll literally look at him and [will] be like 'You are hot, dear god!' The other day, I turned on the pool heater and it was steaming, and he walked outside and took off his clothes and jumped in the pool. I was like, 'I'm gonna faint – the hottest guy of my life is in a steaming pool. This looks like a Playgirl shoot.' So I took a photo and made it the background on my phone. My best friend grabbed my phone and was like, 'Who's that? He is so hot!' That's my hubby!

Um, "hubby"? Is there something else you want to reveal Miley?

Check out this video for more on Miley's Cosmo cover:

What do you think of Miley Cyrus' Cosmopolitan cover?


Image via Cosmopolitan


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tuffy... tuffymama

I think her short haircut looks great. So much better than that hillbilly mop she had before, and her makeup always looks great. She's no singer, IMO, but I don't have to listen if I don't want to.

Hzjewl Hzjewl

I like it even if it is less revealing than the usual covers. Her hair and makeup look wonderful and the white looks really nice. She needs to be seen as an adult and a lot of childhood stars are gracing Cosmo's cover. I don't understand the hate at all. She's can't keep her teenage style forever. Get over it. I think Helen would be pleased with the cover. 

Tammatha Brown

Boy, has this pix been photoshopped to death, she wished she looked like this. What is so shocking I don't get it?

the4m... the4mutts

She looks lovely! Wow.

MrsYo... MrsYoung1287

She's trying really hard to make it look like she has boobs.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

It's Cosmo so this is pretty typical of their covers.

elder... elderlywoman

I don't think it's very classy and I don't really with the way she is marketing herself - but she's a grown woman, who's been in a monogomous relationship that she is obviously very happy in and committed to (which is more than I can say about some of her peers)....I think for a 20 year old - she's kind of doing what 20 years old famous gals do and actually seems to keep a pretty low profile comparatively speaking.....she's not your kid's idol, anymore, which is kind of sad - but people grow up, as we all tend to do..... :o)

Keran... Kerannmer

I think she's gorgeous, and just a young women trying to find her true identity. I know it was hard enough being a faceless, nameless, normal average-jane...I can't imagine how difficult it is for her, always being watched and scrutinized. 

Hi_Rae Hi_Rae

I love Miley

mamaw... mamawidup

I would have the same reaction if Liam was MY boyfriend!

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