Tina Turner Trades In Citizenship For Oldest Reason Ever (VIDEO)

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Looks like Tina Turner is trading in her American citizenship and heading to Switzerland. Well, to be fair, she's been living in Switzerland since 1995 and speaks fluent German. But she has just been awarded citizenship there, pending formal approval from state and federal authorities. The big question on everyone's mind now is why would she want to renounce her rights as an American? Many people speculate that high U.S. taxes have something to do with it -- but I like to think it is something else. Something more Hollywood ...

You see -- Turner has been living with her longtime partner and music manager, German record executive Erwin Bach, in Zurich all this time and it seems she simply loves it there. So why not officially make it her home? She was quoted in the German paper Blick as saying:

I am very happy in Switzerland and I feel at home here. I could not imagine a better place to live.

In fact ... if you choose to believe in happy endings, this is the oldest story in the book. Love can make you do many things you thought you would never do. I honestly don't see what all of the hype is about. People are lining up to become American citizens ... if she has found happiness somewhere else then I say more power to her.

Go - Tina Turner to Become Swiss Citizen

Does it bother you that Tina Turner is giving up her U.S. citizenship to live overseas?


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Why should it?

bella... bellacazzate

Though I don't make nearly as much money as she does, being an American Expat is just not worth it. If you plan on living permanently outside of the US you're better off renouncing so you don't get screwed by a complicated tax system. You end up paying large amounts of money into one government that you no longer benefit from while paying large amounts into another tax system that you are benefitting from. I've been considering it for some time now as well... almost a British citizen. 

Layla... Laylas_mami28

I would, but not for a man. This country is supposed  to be a land of opportunity but my opinion of that has changed. When I can and/or when i get the opportunity i want to move to different country

jessi... jessicasmom1

hmm for a man not so sure about that

sunmo... sunmoonandstar

If she's lived there happily since 1995 I don't see how this is "for a man" I get that he lives there and they've been together a long time but he is not the only reason.

MamaH... MamaHasWings

I have nothing but respect for Tina and wish her the best in life, wherever she is. Really though - this is news?

handy... handy0318

I'm sure an intelligent woman like Tina has thought through and is making the best choices for her life. More power to her!

zandh... zandhmom2

Whats love got to do, got to do with it?  Sorry, couldn't resist.  If she is happy then good for her!

MaryC... MaryCimino

I hear Switzerland is awesome, wouldn't mind visiting. Of course I lived in Okpo-Dong South Korea, Geoje island if you're not familiar with it, and loved it. Might go back there.

tuffy... tuffymama

To each her own, for love, money, or whatever. I could never give up my citizenship, though, unless it gets even worse here. I don't know where I'd go.

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