Liberty Ross Divorcing Rupert Sanders Could Mean Trouble for RPatz (VIDEO)

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Liberty Ross has officially finally filed for divorce from her can't-keep-it-in-his-pants husband, Rupert Sanders. And well, what did we expect? To their credit -- after it became public that Kristen Stewart and Sanders had a pretty intimate fling, Ross and Sanders tried to work things out. But honestly, I don't know how you get over such an awful public display of unfaithfulness.

TMZ reports that Ross filed her paperwork in L.A. County Superior Court yesterday, has asked for joint custody of their two little ones -- ages 5 and 7 -- and is asking for spousal support.

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Ross took her wedding ring off back in August, after the cheating scandal came to light, and it seemed pretty clear back then that their marriage was over. But then Robert Pattinson took Kristen back and we all thought there might be hope for Rupert and Liberty. Clearly -- that's not the case anymore. This video talking about the two of them from August clearly says all that needed to be said.

You do have to wonder if their divorce will make RPatz question taking Kristen back. I mean, they are already slowing things down a bit -- and now with the divorce -- how can he not have lingering thoughts that Rupert won't make a run for Kristen again? Rupert is free and clear now -- and will be on the prowl for a new girl soon enough. RPatz has got to be questioning whether Kristen can remain faithful to him.

Do you think this divorce will make RPatz question whether or not he should stay with Kristen?

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nonmember avatar Cass

He cheated on his wife and kids. She cheated on her boyfriend- with someone who was, in many ways, her superior. The transgressions are not identical here.

jessi... jessicasmom1

just enough time to have Kristen go back to Robert for the show ,, now off again pfftt who takes back a cheater let alone a ex

Jessie Ong

i think that kristen will again hook up with rupert after liberty set him free ... she do not need to run after rob anymore.

Sandra Baker

Really???? Seriously is this the only way we can keep these people in the news. Lets move on shall we. Couples cheat, marriages fail, relationships end every day. They still get dressed every day just like you and I do, they are not Gods. Lets focus on the positive for a change and let the past stay where it belongs.

Amanda Jo

i think rob and kristin will stay together i mean like sandra said things happen everyday

Debra Anduaga

good for her yes Liberty! move on no room for cheaters! now if Rob would only wake up and smell the coffee!! and finally move on with his life.shake off the garbage. pull yourself up hold your head high and look to a better life. best of wishes to you both!!

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