'Bachelor' Front-Runner Has Even More Skeletons in Her Closet Than Courtney Robertson

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Sean Lowe Tierra LiCausi

So far Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor hasn't been quite as dramatic and entertaining as we'd hoped, but with any luck, things will really start heating up in the next week or two -- when the resident bad girl in the group starts letting the crazy flow freely.

Let's be honest, no season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is complete without a villain who everyone absolutely loves to hate. It's really about time for Sean's evil temptress to start pulling out all the stops to lure him into her clutches.

Duh, if you haven't figured it out yet, it's Tierra LiCausi, the leasing consultant (aka the chick who rents apartments to people) from Denver who may or may not have legitimately fallen down the stairs on last week's episode.

OMG. Does this girl reek of craziness or what?!? (Seriously. Courtney Robertson's got nothing on Tierra.) Sure, on the surface, she's gorgeous, bubbly, fun, and seems like a genuinely nice person. But then as soon as she's alone with the camera, she turns into one of those, "I'll do or say whatever the hell I have to in order to win this competition." (Oh yeah. She sees this as a game all right. She's not that into Sean.)

And based on what a source who knows her told Life & Style, it sounds like Tierra's even worse in real life than what we've seen on TV so far. He/she says, "She only ever dated super-rich guys, as in guys with their own planes or island." (Minus three points for Sean.)

A former tanning salon co-worker also had some not-so-kind words to say about Tierra: "She acted as if the world revolved around her -- it came across as arrogance." This person added that when around men, Tierra would "bat her eyelashes and giggle. She was really good at flashing that big smile, and she knows how beautiful she is. She was always putting on a show."

Huh. That sure fits the personality we've seen thus far on The Bachelor, don't you think?

If Tierra really is as big of a fake, bratty gold digger as people claim, let's just hope Sean figures it out before their relationship gets too involved. He is definitely the type of dude who gets his heart broken easily, and it would be really unfortunate if he fell for Tierra's games and wound up proposing to her -- only to be forced to break the engagement after seeing her shenanigans on the show.

Do you think Tierra is really as awful as she appears to be, or is it just due to clever editing?


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youth... youthfulsoul

She seems like a casted character to me.

shell... shellyplatz

Ar first I liked her, I think she will slip up in front of Sean and he will figure it out. Boy imagine her exit if she gets sent home! She will probably go crazy! 

I really wish Kacie wouldn't have screwed up and got sent home!

Lori Lisa Luna

she seems like a nutcase...worse than courtney....poor sean

hexxuss hexxuss

I think it's hard to edit her "me me me" attitude - you can't undo the things that came from her mouth, she still said them.  She's pretty much horrible, hope he figures it out soon!

nonmember avatar Susieq

I'm not sure she's that bad. Editing is very tricky. The jokes on her though, Sean's not loaded with money!! Haha woman. And she is pretty but not that pretty. Other women on the show are much better looking and their boobs are real. Good luck Sean I see the heartbreak coming but there's no stopping it now. So sorry

Sheila Hedrick

Does it really matter since he doesn't pick her anyway?

Sandra Blake

I also think she's a plant - to keep everyone interested in the program. Figured Amanda was and now she is gone. this season, I am more sure than ever that the program is all rigged. But if its not, how can Sean have such strong feelings for every one of the girls? He either is nervous in front of cameras or he's a bad actor. But anyhow - I love the show. I think its funny that the person 'they' say he picks is hardly ever in front of the camera and never with Sean. A smokescreen?

Amy Bourque Guidry

Believe it? If you are watching the same episodes as me, then you can NOT not see it. She reminds everyone that she will "win this competition" not win Sean over or loves Sean.

Cheri Lee Burge

I think she is even worse in real life - she is a disgusting piece of work and I really think there are some things that the bachelor or bachelorette deserve to see - its getting a little monotinous that the bad girl wins everytime and then they break up - could we have a real love story for a change please!!!!!!

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