'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Will Be a Joke if 'Harry Potter' Star Is Cast as Christian Grey

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daniel radcliffeIf one's comfortable enough to be naked throughout a majority of a play and to have a handful of intense, homosexual love scenes in a movie, does that make one a good candidate to play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? If you're Daniel Radcliffe, you might think so.

The Harry Potter star was butt-naked on stage in Equus. Now, at Sundance, his new movie Kill Your Darlings, in which he plays beat poet Allen Ginsberg, shows him in some very erotic gay scenes and heavy make-out sessions with costar Dane DeHaan.

Sounds like someone isn't afraid of getting kinky on camera ...

And while that's great for him and his career, I'm not entirely convinced that it means he's ready (or even willing) to take on the now iconic role of the dominant and highly sexual Christian Grey.

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Because the awful truth is, Daniel's still a kid wizard who plays Quidditch and hangs out with a ginger and a girl. Even though everyone and their mother have seen his willy and he's doing all sorts of things in Kill Your Darlings to show that he's precisely the opposite of Harry Potter, he still is. Nudity and edgy roles can't solve that problem, only time will, and frankly, it's still too early. He's still a boy with magical powers and a scar.

I mean, if he got the part, every time he was on the screen with Ana, I'd wonder if they were going to break into a discourse about Muggles, or compare life in different houses, or use all that BDSM stuff to cast some spell on Voldemort. Then I'd wonder what it was I was doing watching this movie.

Plus, he's only 23 and looks about 18, so he doesn't have that going for him, either.

I'm going to go ahead and pass on Harry Potter as Christian Grey. Sorry, Dan.

Do you think Daniel Radcliffe would make a good Christian Grey?


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purpl... purpleflower514

Dan Radcliffe is a really good actor. He would be great in any role.

2nino... 2ninos4me

he doesnt have the ex appeal and bad ass image that the role requires 

2baby... 2babymomma

tom felton should be Christian

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

How many times are you going to post "50 Shades" blogs? Are the producers trying to get you to run free focus groups? Tell them to quit being so cheap!

BirdCo BirdCo

With each and every new post about the casting of this movie I am beginning to think it is some twisted practical joke that they are playing. It helps me deal with the absurdness of the fans.

Mamab... MamabearC

I LOVE Harry Potter. I LOVE Daniel Radcliff(SO talented!). I LOVE '50 Shades'. But Daniel as Christian?! No.No,no and ABSOLUTELY-NO-FUCKING-WAY-IN-HELL do I wanted this to happen. Just reading about it made a small piece of my mojo die.... and as a fan of '50 Shades' even I am getting tired of the '50' articles,especially when at this point it is all still guessing&gossip...QUIT BEING SUCH A TEASE!

mleil... mleilanim

I think it will be a challenging but very rewarding role for him. Silver lining folks, silver lining.

nonmember avatar Amy

This movie will be a joke anyway . Sorry to tell you. And I doubt he would touch this movie with a ten foot pole.

Tammy Rushton

It will be a joke anyway. Its the worst book I have EVER read. Not sure even the most amazing cast could save it with a plot (I use the word loosely)as laughable as this one.

Selina Marie Hope

Guess what people Daniel Radcliffe is a grown man now and not the boy wizard of Hogwarts anymore! I think is time to let that image go becaue he obviously has. I honestly think 50 shades of Grey would not make a great movie in any context. So stop writing about it cause frankly it is boring!


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