Kim Kardashian Offers Kris Humphries $10 Million for Divorce & He's All Thanks but No Thanks

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kim kardashianYou know how they say money talks? Well, it don't speak to no Kris Humphries, that's for sure. Apparently, Kim Kardashian offered her husband $10 million to give her a divorce, but Kris was all, nuh-uh, biatch. Kris doesn't want Kim's dirty money. He wants retribution. He wants to embarrass her like she embarrassed him. He wants her baby born a Humphries, no matter that it's not his, just to get under her skin. Ten mil is nothing when you've got revenge on the mind.

Stay strong, my man.

Frankly, I could give two shits about their divorce, but I saw the first episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Their Self Respect and Throw It Out Some Miami Hotel Room Window and the show sucked, duh, but what I found most annoying is how contrived the conversations were about Kim's divorce from Kris.

Were were supposed to feel sorry for Kim? Were we supposed to be like, Ohhhh, she's on the phone with her divorce attorney, this is so seeerious. Were we supposed to feel sympathetic when she says she's harboring a lot of (grunt! LOL! I'm throwing a plate!) anger about the proceedings, or lack thereof?

Because I didn't. I feel like she's reaping what she sowed. That she's lying in the bed she made, etc.

And if I were Kris, shoot. I'd turn down a pay-off, too. He's got his own money. Worth mentioning, though, that he says he's motivated to get an annulment because he's a religious guy and wants to be able to be married in a Catholic church should anyone be crazy enough to actually marry him again, but please. This isn't about God or Church -- it's about Counterinsurgency and Vindictiveness, which I can totally respect.

I hope Kris gets what he wants.

Do you?


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Rae.302 Rae.302

Wow. Seems you love the Kardashians just as much as I do, but I think him dragging out the divorce makes him look just as childish as her.

Aeris... AerisKate

No, I don't.  I think he is being ridiculous. 

nonmember avatar singer825

This whole thing is stupid. Kim is no peach but Kris is one of the most immature guys I've ever seen. It was obvious if you watched the show that she loved him and he her, but it ended. So grow up, move on, and let's talk about something else.

littl... littlesuzyfrog

I didn't see the love, they hardly kissed, when they did it was one of those fake smooch.  I just got the feeling that she really didn't want to fuck him at all.  

He wanted her to live in minnasota while the trained in the summer.  Just the summer, no.  Would she ever consider living near his parents in mn?  no.  he got tricked.  remember how mad he got when he wasn't included in any planning for the wedding?  He was upset.  I would be pissed!  If this happened to you, would you want to give her everthing she wanted, even though she was at fault?  No.  I would give her anything.  

For an EXAMPLE, if you found out your husband was cheating on you with his old girl- friend form high school, or something like that, wouldn't you be angry, mad, super pissed?!!  Seriously, you wouldn't move an inch.  It's not immature revenge, it's hurt, impassioned anger that burns you inside.  Why should you give into that?

lkm091 lkm091

The wedding was all a sham for publicity.  You know it.  I know it.  EVERYONE KNOWS IT.  Kim just needs to [wo]man up and admit it, and then move on with her life (preferrably off-camera, although we all know that won't happen)!  I'd want the same thing as Kris - some respect.  Whether he's immature or not, he was still used.

cmjaz cmjaz

Nothin wrong with him to want an annulment rather than a divorce so he never has to use 'my first wife' when speaking about her.

nonmember avatar melissa

I don't think she offered him 10 mil. That's ridiculous what's her net worth like 40 mil? No way team k would give up that much just to divorce him. Remember she's still going after him to pay legal fees.

' kris has his own money '.

He is broke as a joke in hollywood standards. He was going to mooch the kim k gravy train .. he isn't that great of an athlete and with all these d*ck moves he does .. its not cool to have kris HUMPhries endorse your product. He's a douche maybe douche companies should contact him - I smell a longer lasting marriage ..

Antoinette VBarrera

I think Kris Humphries, the biggest jerk, he belittled her and she tryed her best to make it work, he was just a pure A-Hole and I feel bad for KimK. All, she wanted was someone to love her, but hey!! everyone makes mistakes, hope he grows a heart and ends this dispute has soon as possible.

nonmember avatar mistie

I am not nor have I ever been a Kardashin fan, but I did watch a bit of therir show after the weeding, and Kris was a complet ass. He acted like a child and had no business getting married in the first place. He knew who and what kim was about but he still chose to marry her. Correct me if I am wrong, but in Cali isn't he considered the legal father of her wouldlnt he be financially responsible? That should make him just finally grow up and walk away..but no he is still being a child. Didn't get his way so throwing a fit

RMB2011 RMB2011

She should just admit what we all know and give the poor man an annulement.

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