Robert Pattinson Runs Into Liberty Ross & Misses His Chance for Revenge on Kristen Stewart

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Robert PattinsonWell, I guess it was bound to happen at some point or another. According to a new report in Life & Style, Robert Pattinson ran into Liberty Ross at a Golden Globes after-party, and we can only imagine the level of awkwardness that ensued.

I mean, it's not every day that you come face to face with the wife of the dude your girlfriend cheated on you with.

Apparently Rob was just chillin' at the bar having a drink, and there was Liberty, sitting at a table a mere 10 feet away. They noticed each other, and as you can probably guess, Rob split shorty afterwards.

Um, can I get a show of hands on who else thinks he missed a golden opportunity to get some really sweet revenge on Kristen Stewart?

Yeah, yeah, I know that Rob has forgiven her for cheating and they're back together and everything's all rosy (maybe) between them again and all that good stuff. But a small part of him has to want to get even with her just a little bit, right?

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If he really wanted to settle the score and get back on a level playing field with Kristen, he should've marched right over to Liberty Ross and planted a fat one on her. Yes, I'm saying he should've tried to make out with her. Because that would've been awesome. (I'd pay to watch that scene go down.)

Seriously, can you think of a better way for both Rob and Liberty to teach Kristen and Rupert Sanders a lesson than by playing a nice, friendly game of tonsil hockey and giving them a taste of their own medicine?

And it's not like either Rupert or Kristen could give either one of them a damn bit of grief about it, because then they'd be nothing but a couple of hypocrites.

Man, Rob really missed the boat on this one. How many other 26-year-old dudes do you know who'd give up a perfectly good hall pass?

Do you think Rob is really over the cheating scandal?


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LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

Oh yes, the way to get revenge on your cheating girl is for sure to cheat back, right? SMH! By the way, it's kinda sick that you would pay to watch Rob kiss Liberty so that YOU can feel better about her cheating (which really affected you for some odd creepy reason) is kinda sick. Good thing they're better than you....and no, I'm no fan of trashy Kristen, but this is a horrible article.

acrog... acrogodess

I think he is too smart to make himself appear a hypocrite when he seems to care about his public image.

nonmember avatar CrystalMP

Jeez how freaking old are you? Believe it or not there are actually people in this world with a at least a little bit of class. This is just a trashy idea all together

Bry Haylie Dorman

yall dont even no if he is mad at her so shut up :/

Christy Miller

everyone does things they regret later and this is one of those things it takes a really good guy to just walk away and move on

Megan Smith

really people they are happy he forgave her plane and simple. I think everyone should leave them alone let them live their life

Alicia Oregel


Crystal Serrata

the cheating was made up just for publicity....who else likes cupcakes?

MizzB... MizzButterfly

  I'm gonna have to agree with Luvmydand...this is by far THE WORST article I've read today! 

Cheri... Cherish77

That is what you call a gentleman.

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