Sean Lowe's Hook-Up Confession Involves His Mother & Totally Creeps Us Out

Sean LoweI feel bad for Sean Lowe, I really do. I think he might just be one of those genuinely clueless nice guys who doesn't understand why he keeps failing in the love department.

We all know that he's this season's Bachelor, but I use those words loosely because, well ... he's kind of a sissy. Now before you jump down my throat, hear me out. I didn't always feel this way about the guy. I mean, look at him -- he's flawless.

But then I heard Sean reveal a pretty shocking piece of information during an interview. A piece of information that will make me never look at him the same way again. Involving hook-ups, a hot tub, and ... his mother.

Sean admitted:

For the most part, my family said, 'Just be yourself, you're going to be great,' But my mom did make it a point to say, 'Please limit your hot tub make-out scenes.'

Newsflash: Sean is a 29-year-old grown man. Whether or not he's a virgin or a born-again virgin, he's still an adult. Almost in his 30s. And still listening to his mommy.

The icing on the cake to all of this is that in the same interview, Sean also claims that he doesn't consider himself a sensitive guy. He sees himself more as a "man's man." Oh really?

Look, I'm not hating on him or any guy who has a close relationship with their mother. But, if you're going on a show to date 25 women at once, you're not exactly a perfect angel. So pick a side and stick with it. Either you're a nice guy or a bad boy. The bad boys usually know when to stop talking about their mother.

Do you think Sean's confession makes him sound immature?

Image via ABC

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mommy... mommytojack0524

To have respect for yourself and your family and consider what you do while on national TV does not make you a Mama's boy. Maybe the mom overstepped her bounds.  But, unless you know him personally, it's impossible for anyone to judge his maturity.

Aeris... AerisKate

No, not at all.  I'm sure he was asked what this family thought about him going on the show and that was his response.  What mother wants to see her kid making out with a bunch of different people in a hot tub on national t.v.?

nonmember avatar love2laugh

What you may not understand, is that Sean's family is one where their children were raised to respect and honor their parents. Sadly, that is not something we see too often these days.

I see Sean as a good guy who is respectful of others and tries to stay on the straight and narrow path. Obviously, he is attracted to pretty girl's... but unfortunately, girl's who are pretty on the outside, are often not too pretty on the inside. I believe that is why he has yet to find his soul mate. The Bachelor is great, but I think he'd be more likely to find what he's looking for in church.

I wish him the best... and pray he stays in line with his morals and family values.

Trisha Webb

Excuse me if you didn't realize but it doesn't matter how old Sean is, its called "respect". Duh.. he "IS" a nice guy and he "RESPECTS" his Mother's opinion. There's nothing wrong with that. Can't imagine how that can creep you or anyone out. You just used that as an attention grabber.

nonmember avatar AJ

Sean can be a man's man and still respect what his parents want to watch on TV. These are not mutually exclusive.

early... earlybird11

We my son is my son till the day I'm not on this earth. Ill always and forever remind him to respect himself women

Tracy Borneman

Umm totally nothing weird about this.... I almost picture him saying it as somewhat of a joke to!!

Trisha Mullin

There are so many examples of people who are direspectful, irreverent and down right trashy. Todays role models--enough. Time for something refreshing. Let's have a person who seems to have some morals and manners have a spotlight everyonce in awhile. There are other people out there who aren't totally cynical and do believe in romance. No need to knock someone who's trying it in a different way than you might. I have often heard "Watch how a man treats his mother. That's pretty close to how he would treat you."

nonmember avatar turtlenose stef

A pathetic article written by a pathetic woman with a your turtle nose and trashy eyebrows.

liast... liastavhad

Okay come on....leave the poor guy alone. So his mother gave him advice...SO WHAT!!!  Every mother no matter how old you are and whether you want to hear it or not...WILL GIVE YOU HER CONCERN AND OPINION!!!! It's in our blood, we cant help it.

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