Adult Film Star Says He Could Play Christian Grey but He Is Seriously Mistaken

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James DeenGuys, brace yourselves. If you thought that some of the names being tossed around for the role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie up 'til now were crazy, I have a SERIOUS curve ball to throw your way. I'll skip the bull. Brace yourself: James Deen. James Deen, the porn star. James Deen, the man who just starred with Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons. I. KNOW.

Deen recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and slammed his competition, saying that "some guy who's on a TV show on USA" (i.e. Matt Bomer) and Ryan Gosling have no chance against him for the role. Saying "there's an easy decision on where the studio is going to go."

Whoa, hello there Mr. Confident. I hate to burst your bubble, though, Deeny. Despite your sexual experience and love for getting down and dirty, you're no match for Christian Grey.

The Christian Grey in the book has a soft-spoken confidence about him, not a full-blown ego problem like Deen. Not to mention, Christian just has more class than Deen. After seeing snippets of Deen and Lohan from The Canyons, there's no way I could take him seriously as the frontman of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

This is why actors like Gosling, Bomer, or my personal favorite, Ian Somerhalder would make a superb Christian. They're laid-back men with cute personalities; calm and collected actors who know how to play it cool and also look damn good without their shirts on. Sure, Deen may have the experience getting kinky -- but I'd rather see a man who knows how to embody Christian's personality than his bedroom style.

Would you want to see James Deen as Christian Grey? Who is your favorite actor for the job?


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nonmember avatar Jennifer

If you actually READ the interview, you'd realize that when he said "there's an easy decision on where the studio is going to go," he meant Ryan Gosling would obviously get the role over him. And seriously, GET OVER Christian Grey; he's just a poorly drawn character in a cruddy little book. He's not the be-all and end-all when it comes to "sexy." This website has become a joke with its nonstop "50 Shades" articles.

Charm... CharmedAngel42

This article is just as bad as the acting from this porn star..

banging head into wall

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

He is Gross.....Ian YES PLEASE!

jessi... jessicasmom1


sheen... sheena696

Wow you totally butchered what that guy really said, didn't you?!?  Oh, and hoping and praying that Ian Somerhalder does NOT play Christian Grey. Ugh. 

Bianca Long

....I think he's awesome. when i read the headline my mind actually jumped to him immediately. I have never read 50SOG and I hear its crap, but I do watch a bit of ,inky porn and James Deen is one of my 2 favorite doms. It might actually make the movie feel more real if they used someone who actually knows what he's doing.

Amber Chesney Kriger

Hahaha. This is some sort of joke right??? I think I just throw up in my month, he's pretty gross!!

Carol... Carol_H79

Ian Please!

nonmember avatar Sara

Okay so let me say that yes, Ian is REALLY my first choice for fifty shades but I also believe James Deen does have what it takes to play the role. He is a standout on the "porn" site that you refer to which is actually not only a "porn" site but first and foremost, a BDSM site.

Kimberly Kelty Hunt

Ian Somerhalder would fly circles around Deen. Maybe Deen could play the part of Jack.

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