Jenelle Evans' Husband Has Already Moved on With Another Woman

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Jenelle Evans and Courtland RogersImagine, for just a second, being Jenelle Evans. You're a Teen Mom. You have a son that's not even in your custody with another baby on the way. You fall in love with some guy who has a potential life-threatening illness. You get married after two months of dating, he abuses you, and then flees while you may or may not be having a miscarriage. Sounds like all the hectic, intricate makings of a Lifetime movie, amiright?

Now on the brink of divorce, Jenelle's husband Courtland Rogers has told the world that he has a fallback girl. You know, a woman just waiting for him to leave Jenelle (if he wasn't seeing her while they were together, which I doubt) and "be there for him."

It sucks to think about. Courtland tweeted that she takes care of him, makes him smile, and is going to be an awesome girl to him. Even after being married, the guy has someone he knew he could default to.

The question is, though, does everyone have someone to fall back on?

The answer for me, personally, is no. There is no one from my past that I would be able to call up right this very second and say "take me back, I miss you," and I believe that's for the best. When it comes down to it, having those loose ends in your life is only a recipe for disaster. You don't want to deal with the emotional angst that comes with leaving things open ended, and the hurt that goes along with going back into the arms of someone who didn't treat you right in the first place.

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Plus, moving on that quickly isn't healthy for anyone. I'm not saying in Courtland's case that this new ladyfriend of his is going to be his full-blown girlfriend by tomorrow. Heck, he'd have to get divorced first technically, no? But when you give your heart away to someone, it isn't easy to take it back, and hand it right back out. I think there needs to be a grieving period, some alone time.

I pray that Jenelle and Courtland do themselves a favor and breathe, if only just a second. Pull back from Twitter ... from these former lovers ... and reevaluate. Being together isn't working, but jumping ship to the next this quickly -- it won't do either of them any favors.

Have you ever called up a "fallback" after a relationship crumbled? Did seeing them make you feel better or worse?


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jessi... jessicasmom1

everyone needs to move on

miche... michelle91908

if she keeps going after the same kind of guys how do she think she will find mr. right

Amy Adams

Lol not in two days thats moving to quick


nonmember avatar Gennifer

Jenelle and Courtland are both hot messes n both need to get a grip on reality not everything is picture perfect but obviously jenelle nor n some of the others know what it is like to be married to fight bt cant say any of them had help either they couldnt call a couple up n get some tips Jenelle yall need good Christian counselors that wont tell ya things of this world. souly bc thats how your living

Brandy Shirley

That's what guys do. They rebound quickly. They're not strong enough like most of us girls to work through the pain.

Silvana Marie

leave this poor girl alone. everyone makes mistakes. Shes going though a rough time and all you ppl can do is put her on blast all the time. Shame on you.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

She puts herself on blast, handling her problems on twitter.

momof... momof3cuties987

Having a fall back person after a two month long marriage is a little different than having one after being in a real long lasting marriage.  

April Montyne Leckie

I Think they both need to get off the internet and get marriage counseling. seriously.

Mandi Francis Reed

Why should anyone feel sorry for her?! Everything that is wrong in her life is because of the choices she made! If she didn't want naked pics of herself on the internet she should've never taken them, if she really wanted her son back she would be moving heaven and earth and doing what it took to get him back! Like any other good mom would do! She is the poorest excuse for a parent that I have ever seen! She deserves whatever outcome comes out of her repaeted poor choices!!

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