Jenelle Evans' Ex Courtland Rogers Sounds More Sleazy by the Minute

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Jenelle Evans Courtland RogersJenelle Evans has been getting a lot of flack this week for her impending divorce from husband of five seconds Courtland Rogers. After all, a week ago they were announcing the Teen Mom 2 star's pregnancy and playing happy families in the tabloids, now she's changed her name back to Jenelle Evans on Twitter -- how could it go this far south that fast? Attention! Maybe it's time to rein in the Jenelle hate, y'all.

The more we hear about her ex-husband-to-be, the faster we'd be running! If even a portion of what Jenelle has put out about Courtland in recent days is true, this guy is a complete sleaze. Let's run it down, shall we?

1. He may have gotten another girl pregnant. Jenelle tweeted a text from a girl in Fall River, Massachusetts who says she is also pregnant and that Courtland needs to "man up." The girl also claims Courtland met up with her and her daughter at a hotel recently ... apparently while married to Jenelle.

2. He was asking her friends for naked pictures. Another text to Jenelle shows someone who claims to love her admitting that she didn't know the Teen Mom was pregnant when she responded to Courtland's request for X-rated photos.

3. He was cheating with multiple women. Jenelle says she has proof that her husband was talking sweet to a number of women, saying things like: "call me so I can hear yr beautiful voice"; "if that's really yr ass then I'm in love"; "prove to me u love me." Then there's the list of girls' names in his handwriting.

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4. He may have faked that health scare. It sounded scary when Courtland said he doesn't have much time left on this earth, but Jenelle says he is faking it for pity ... if it's true, it's a pretty classless move.

5. He's already moving in on other Teen Moms. Think Courtland's just in it for the gravy train? Might explain why he was trying to cozy up to Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit on Twitter.

6. He's got a new girlfriend ... already. What kind of husband is already hooking up with a new lady just days after his wife says it's over?

7. He allegedly assaulted her. This is, of course, the really big one. Jenelle's lawyer has said she was assaulted "over a period of time" by her husband. Charges have been filed, although Courtland is refuting the allegations.

8. He left her during a possible miscarriage. No real word on whether Jenelle is still pregnant, but she says he skipped town while she was in the hospital ... possibly miscarrying.

Do you think Jenelle was right to say bye bye to Courtland?


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Liz132 Liz132

Oh Jenelle.... What a train wreak that girl is. 

Tripl... TripleDee30

Helllooooo!  She's trash, what kind of person would you expect her to be around?

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

What I can't stop wondering is...HOW does Janelle, Courtland, Gary Head, and his ex Jade Whatever all have children and yet spend all day and night on the internet airing all of their dirty laundry? Constantly! These poor children are all neglegted by their parents for our entertainment. Today they are having sleepovers and playing video not the children, THE PARENTS!

nonmember avatar reecee

three sides to every story

nonmember avatar truth.

She shouldn't have even said hello to him in the first place.

nonmember avatar Vicki

I feel badly for both of them. Who airs their dirty laundry and breaks up on twitter? I have jeans that are older than these two kids. Also-there are so many judgemental people, but you know every SINGLE detail of their life? Do you hang out all day on the twitter page?

Dana Gibson

Well sorry Jenelle...but that is what you get for not dating the guy for a longer period of time.  I got engaged after 6 months and after he had that ring on my finer he did a total 180 in a personality if you didn't want this to happen should have dated for way longer then a month!  Good luck!

nonmember avatar Gina S

I have about had enough of the "Jenelle Bashing!" Yes, she makes rash decisions, is all over the map with her outbursts, has serious trouble making decisions that seem responsible..HELLO PEOPLE, she has a Serious, Debilitation, Chronic Life-long mental Illness (Bipolar Disorder) and those are all symptoms!!! Yes she needs to stay on her meds and find the right combo that gets her stable so she can lead a somewhat normal life....but as someone who was diagnosed with Rapid Cycling Bipolar II in my late teens/early twenties, I can tell you that her journey with this illness is going to be so very difficult and she is leading it in the public eye. She can't sensor herself, because the chemicals in her brain don't let her function like what you think she should. She is struggling to have a somewhat normal life, stay out of trouble, raise a child, and make the correct decisions when her BRAIN has no impulse control! I feel for her and hope that she one day finds the perfect combo of meds that work for HER so she can function at 1/2 of what y'all think she should!!! You are cruel, heartless, hateful people constantly hating on this girl with a horrible disability!!!

Jeanette Hess

I personally think that Jenelle did the right thing  by leaving him. She had every right to leave him. Way to Go GIRL! I'm proud of you.

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