Adrienne Maloof & Boy Toy Sean Stewart Shack Up Together -- Pump the Brakes, Sister!

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Adrienne Maloof & Sean Stewart
Adrienne Maloof & Sean Stewart
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof is making all sorts of headlines these days. Late last year, it was because she and Paul Nassif decided to call it quits in a nasty, mudslinging divorce. Then it was because Brandi Glanville blurted out that she had a surrogate carry her twin boys. And now it's because she and Rod Stewart's son, Sean Stewart, have moved in together. What?

Apparently, things have heated up with Adrienne and Sean -- who, P.S., "has a reputation as a womanzier, and doesn't have a steady job" -- to the point of shacking up. These two crazy kids just started dating a few weeks ago. What could possibly go wrong?

Besides everything, not much, I guess. I mean, when an out of work 32-year-old dude with a previous drug problem starts dating an incredibly wealthy 51-year-old lady who's in the throes of a divorce, seems like everything is going to work out just peachy, right? And by "just peachy," I mean "poorly." And by "poorly," I mean "awful." And by "awful," I mean "this breakup will be of cataclysmic proportions."

It's Adrienne's life, and she can do what she wants, but all I have to say is watch that money, girl. You may be all loved up right now, but May-December romances with super rich ladies (or dudes) often are for one reason and one reason only.

Do you think Adrienne should steer clear of Sean Stewart?


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Judith Grant Lombardo

Another desperate housewife...wish they had more brains than beauty...

Cheryl Legnosky Dorman

Just proves she's the idiot I have always thought she was!  What were all those nasty remarks she made about Brandi?  Yeah...right!  By the way, you can't BUY brains, so she's totally out of luck!!! 

nonmember avatar LQQKNatU

Frankly...she deserves what she gets. REALLY? Does she think Stewart is a keeper? They both deserve what ever happens to them...

Sherry Whitstine

I completely agree! This is Gigolo 101! Deserves to be repeated. "Pump the brakes, sister!"

littl... littlesuzyfrog

Yeah, she's going to wait to tell her kids their a surrogate babies until ten, but shacks up with a loser.  Um ok, what about the welfare of those kids now?

Also accuses Brandi of being on drugs and being a bad mom, prob not true, but what is ironic, she is 100% (factual) shacking up with a former drug user, one month after a divorce.  I hate slinging "bad Mom" around, but it doesn't seem like she's being a "smart mom."

ALXtheg8 ALXtheg8

He's super ugly.

nonmember avatar Kristen

What happen to Paul her hubby

JeaneMarie Newton-Hall

Well I wonder what Kyle, Maricio and Kim have to say about this little escapade. Do they have her back now?

Cindy D. Tarquinio

Is that really even a question that needs to be answered??

nonmember avatar diane

I wonder how true this really is?!! She is NOT stupid. Or a bad mom. She is maybe happy now and she didnt get where she is now by being careless with her money!! Dont always believe everything you read! The media can be brutal! And who really cares how her children were brought into this world. She loves them no less!

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