Kris Jenner Accused of Horrific Abuse by Ex-Husband in Newly Released Diaries

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Kris Jenner exposedThe Kardashian diaries. Sounds like an episode of E! True Hollywood Story, doesn't it? Well allegedly, they're real, and what's in them is horrifying. Robert Kardashian's widow, Ellen Kardashian, has handed over what she claims are real diaries that her late husband kept between 1989 and 1990. Inside are loads of accusations against his former wife Kris Jenner, citing that she hit, kicked, and threatened to kill Kim, ditched her kids on Christmas, and had her lover over to the house while her kids were in the other room.

Yeah ... these accusations ... they're serious. REALLY serious. Here we were, thinking that Kris being her kids' manager could be at times emotionally abusive enough as it is. But REAL physical abuse? This is a lot to swallow.

I just can't imagine that these allegations are true if it's taken this long for them to come out, especially the ones about Kris physically abusing Kim. Kim's learned a lot from her momma, and if she had deep-rooted anger against her, I don't think she'd let her manage her career now that she's this big into the game. She'd give the royalties to someone else.

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Regardless, Rob's widow Ellen claims that these REAL handwritten journals are her personal possessions that he left to her at the time of his passing. My big question, though, is why is she doing this now? What was the final straw that inspired her to say, "The world needs to know"?

If this is all true, my guess is she's watching the way Kris is mistreating Bruce and doesn't want another man to get hurt. OK, maybe that's what I want to think. My real thoughts? The woman is just looking for some publicity and a bit of sympathy amidst the krazy kloud which is the Kardashian name.

Do you think Rob's diaries are real? Could you see Kris Jenner abusing her children?


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sand008 sand008

I'm not a fan of the kardashian family. But come on, this is unnecessary. I don't think its true.

nonmember avatar Jess

I can totally see it... She might have been on drugs while w/Todd waterman & flew off the handle. What does the ex gain by releasing this? They're grown women now! She's emotionally abusive as it is, physical abuse is only 1 step away!

Helenea Clay

No Way this is a bunch of B.S... Kris is a good Mom!

Ghett... GhettoKoolAide

It's not surprising. Kris looks out for herself her image and her money. She is a soulless media attention whore who whores her children out for $$.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

A good mom? well.... for once I'm speechless. Khloe is the only Kardashian worth a damn, maybe half a damn, and she's the one they treat the worst.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

I'd buy it I mean why else would a grown woman allow her mother to control ever aspect of her life. Its like Kim is Kris's little puppet.

nonmember avatar Melissa

We are all a little crazy ...

Zi Jones

what a crock

Kristine Ullemeyer

No, I think she wants fame and money .. sad lady

belly... bellygirl

I totally believe it! That woman has her own agenda and it's to use her kids for money and fame. She had done a lot of questionable things. She is lacking in morals and her values are skewed.

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