Jenelle Evans’ Divorce Is Inevitable After Assault Charges Are Filed

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'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans and Courtland RogersAll right, Jenelle Evans. Do you mind if I call you Nelley? Let's talk about this possible divorce. Yeah, you and I don't know each other all that well, but it's time for a heart to heart. I see that you've filed four counts of assault against your soon-to-be possibly ex-husband, Courtland Rogers. You know, the same guy who left town although you may be having a miscarriage and thinks the two of you should get your own MTV spin-off

... I'm just gonna come out and say it: GET DIVORCED NOW. There's no way you should be around someone who has the audacity to hurt a pregnant woman. And not just once, but possibly FOUR times. Since day one, in my eyes, this whole relationship with Courtland has just been a downward spiral.

Let's break down exactly what's going on here: Per charge, if found guilty, Courtland could face 150 days in jail. Some quick math: That's almost two full years in jail for abusing his pregnant wife.

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While we don't know what he may have done to hurt Jenelle and what warranted these charges, Jenelle's lawyer says that she was "physically assaulted over a period of time. She will be a victim in the case and will be represented by the State of North Carolina." Man, because nothing says "'Til death do us part" like a little assault trial, eh?

Listen, Nelley, I may not have agreed with all of your past decisions like that skull tattoo ... and the cheetah tattoo ... and everything that's gone down with Jace (for starters). However, as one woman to another, I just want better for you. I have this hope that there is a possibility for a great life for you, one that is out of the spotlight, separate from Courtland, away from the cameras AND Twitter. I truly believe that it is only there you'll find peace.

Do you think Jenelle needs to leave Courtland?


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kelti... kelticmom

I'm sorry, I usually try to have some kind of empathy for girls like this, try to find some redeeming quality, but I have to say that she is just pure trash. What a waste. What a waste of the legal system, that poor little boy that has to grow up amidst that drama......I really wish she would just disappear into the sunset and y'all would quit writing three articles a day on her.

nonmember avatar renee

how is 150 days in jail almost 2 years? Their are 365 days in 1 year. Do u mean thats almost a full year in jail?

nonmember avatar kendalls mommy

how is 150 days in jail almost 2 years? Their are 365 days in 1 year. Do u mean thats almost a full year in jail?

nonmember avatar MJ

150 days per charge 4 x 150 = 600 days...almost 2 years

Montana Emery

Not saying this is her fault but maybe she should stop hanging out with shady people and this kind of stuff wouldnt happen. This girls life is a train wreck. I HATE to think she is bringing yet another innocent child into her over the top, chaotic world.

Elisa Willis Shoufler

Her taste In men! Need to change! this constant drama !!!! Geez I would have gone nuts a long time ago

nonmember avatar Gennifer

Personally I can understand the serverity of this topic but if you keep looking at jenelles behavior she seriously need to go to rehab to coubselig n many more things for a great deal of time she is obviously sick then again maybe its a stunt for attention. Then again maybe jenelle has no concept of what all she is doing wrong maybe they need to examine her brain for ignorance written all over it. This makes the second person she has hadnput in jail what part of that doesnt scream out to others I dont know. Jenelle your far tobold to be pulling the shadycrap you are its time to grow up be mature n face the fact lifes not fair not everyones always right n maybe just maybe your in need of some help simply c your not perfect. I wish her the best but if she wants people to stop bashing her she needs to stop pickig figts like the deal over clothes on an episode of teen mom recently really she could have replaced the sweater but instead she would like to fight as if she is 11-17 yrs old n not a mother

Amanda Pearce

Honestly, I'm tired of hearing about Janelle.  She brings it on herself constantly, and any sypathy that I may have had for her is completely gone.  She's an idiot who needs to grow up and act like a mother for crying out loud!  She's a screw up and always will be if she doesn't straighten up.  I'm sick of her sob stories.

Amber... AmberBanks16

It doesn't matter if you like her or not, no woman pregnant or not deserves to be hit by a man!

Jeanette Hess

Jenelle, I think you are a wonderful mom,n person. I love Teen Mom (all the series). Personally I feel that if he is abusing you then you should get out of the relationship. I would never be in a relationship to where I was being abused. Yes, I'm young but I watch who I'm in a relationship with. If I was you I would def. leave him. Hopefully you don't have a miscarriage and everything comes out great with your baby.


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