What Brandi Glanville Said About Adrienne Maloof Is FINALLY Revealed

Adrienne Maloof and Brandi GlanvilleEver since Bravo bleeped out the big bombshell Brandi Glanville dropped about Adrienne Maloof on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we've been wondering, pondering, speculating, and guessing what exactly it was she said. We thought we knew, but weren't quite sure as Bravo and all of the Housewives have been uncharacteristically quiet about the whole deal.

Fear of (more) lawsuits, contracts, or something has kept one of television's biggest secrets amazingly hush hush ... until now. Us Weekly has the details, and finally we know just what the big deal was.

According to the magazine's sources, it was just what we expected -- that Adrienne used a surrogate to have her twin sons, Christian and Colin, who are now 6.

A source told the magazine she had a very difficult pregnancy with her 9-year-old son, Gavin, and so she decided to use a surrogate. "A child psychologist recommended she wait until they are 10 years old. She doesn’t want them teased at school or asked about it."

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The source said Adrienne was planning to tell them on her own time, and now she's "furious" that Brandi would just blurt it out. And I get that. She should be mad if that's the case. Anyone would be, but the level she's taken it to since has made it so much more of an issue than if she had just ignored it. Clearly Bravo couldn't air what Brandi said, so they wouldn't have even had a story line if she'd just ignored her.

Also, there's the little matter of what Adrienne did to Brandi that made her furious enough to blurt it out. She's indicated that it involved her kids, so maybe Adrienne did something even worse. I wish Brandi would spill on that.

In any case, now we know. Well, as long as we believe Us Weekly's sources. I don't know if we'll ever get official confirmation that Brandi's comment was about Adrienne's surrogacy, but this may be about as close as we come.

Do you think the big secret could be anything other than Adrienne's use of a surrogate?


Image via Bravo

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bills... billsfan1104

If Brandi did that, she is a bitch. That is a private matter and not for the kids to know from other than their parents. Brandi to me, has been coming off as very bitter.

littl... littlesuzyfrog

Adrienne said that brandi did drugs and was a bad mother is a public setting, so brandi retaliated, with whatever she said.

Personally, I don't know why surrogate is anything big.  Wait until 10?  Really?  It's not that big of a deal.  With more and more fertility problems out there, there are lots of kids have different stories of how they were born.  Several kids in my kids classes have been born with a surrogate.  Nobody pounced.  Seems like another something Adrienne and paul made up.

Brandi always spoke the truth--whether you liked it or not.  I don't know why she's being hush-hush.

nonmember avatar Truth Teller

Adrienne and Paul's reactions and threats of legal action made the situation much worse then it had to be and their behavior just made people more curious about what was said. What Brandi did is nothing compared to accusing someone of drug use and being a bad mother.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

littlesuzyfrog, Don't forget that Brandi has already admitting to misusing drugs. Alcohol and Lexapro (the only true SSRI aka antidepressant) is misusing drugs. 

nonmember avatar Denise

So that was the big "character assassination" I thought it was something much worse too the way they exploded. I understand it is a private matter but Brandi doesnt look like the person to say something unless provoked.

Lola Stefani

Adrienne is a real bully. She's using money and power to silence Brandi and in the end, it makes her look horrible. Brandi has every right to say whatever she wants. Adrienne did it to her first.

nonmember avatar ruthless1

What on earth is the big deal? There is nothing shameful or scandal-worthy of using a surrogate. I cant even imagine why a legitimate psychologist would say it is something to hide from your children until a certain age. The only people making it shameful are those acting like it is a deep dark secret that is embarrassing. I dont understand Adrienne's reaction at all...how is Brandi taking about it slander? That implies that using a surrogate makes her look bad...and it just doesnt.

hexxuss hexxuss

Having thankfully never watched a 'real housewife' of any place, the only impression I get of people is from articles.  I keep seeing Brandi in the 'news' non-stop!  She comes off as bitter & very much the fame whore.  When do these people go off the air exactly?  I'd love to see every one of those series end so I quit seeing their names...

Miche... MichelleK41

Its a shame when money and fame causes them to have outburst towards one another that can hurt both the families children.

kpook... kpookiem1

How stupid if you wait to tell children when they're 10 as opposed to just letting it be a natural thing that they've known all their lives so it wouldn't be such a big ordeal.  That is not true love parenting.  I believe Brandi Said what is true and to Adrianne, the truth hurts.  You have so much money you can pay people to have your babies.  Must be nice.  Now go play with the children you are "protecting" from the truth.  Brandi ~ I know you're going to be more famous then edward and liarlean.  Then you can rub it in their faces!!!


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