Robert Pattinson Should Play James Bond? Double Oh You Have to Be Joking

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robert pattinsonThere's good news and there's hilarious news. The good news is that Skyfall leading man Daniel Craig has signed up to star in two more James Bond films. The hilarious news is that Robert Pattinson might take his place when he's done. I mean, LOL, right? RPattz as James Bond? That's the funniest visual I've had since I imagined myself signing up for some fancy farm-share co-op thingy. Just as I will never be smooth enough to actually use those ridiculous winter vegetables in a recipe, Robert Pattinson will never be smooth enough to play the greatest, sexiest, dare devil-y-ish hero of our time. I mean, a Jerusalem artichoke would be better suited for the role.

It's not that I have anything against Robert Pattinson, I just think he'd make a terrible Bond. Double 07 is supposed to be effortlessly suave, confident, and, well, in mad shape. Even if RPattz put on 70 pounds of muscle, his inherently awkward, self-aware acting style would still shine through like a lighthouse on a clear night.

Plus, there's that whole Twilight thing, which is very hard to shake. The dude's a vampire as far as I'm concerned, and no sparkly non-dead blood-sucker can play James Bond. It's just not right.

The rumor of RPattz's 007 role all started when Daniel Craig allegedly told a source that he feels that a British actor like Rob would make a great replacement. Apparently, Rob's flattered and gave an interview last summer in which he stated his enthusiasm for the part.

In that same interview, Kristen Stewart also said she'd love to be a Bond girl ... and we all know how I feel about that.

These two, I swear. They can do whatever they want, but it's time to let the Bond dream die.

What do you think -- would Rob make a good James Bond?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Are you quite sure you didn't mean to submit this piece to the Onion? I can't decide whether to laugh or cry at the idea of that greasy dishrag playing Bond.

Elinor Zen

Robert doesn't need to try hard playing Bond. he is a natural one.

Veronica Bettger Blake

Rob Pattinson would be a perfect James Bond. He has proven himself to be a polished and talented actor, not only in his Twilight role, but also in his recent movies such as Water For Elephants, Cosmopolis and Bel Ami. He has already moved far beyond his teen idol days as a Twilight Vampire. He has the looks and the class to be Bond or any other character he chooses to play.

nonmember avatar Robsession

You shouldn't hate on Rob like that. He's an amazing, heartfull, and soulful actor. He could pull off any role. I mean it's your opinion, but I would love it if he did. What you said kinda hurt me because I love Rob so much.

amiec... amiecanflie

Him as Bond would be all kinds of wrong. 

nonmember avatar Robsession

Hey rhonda veggie don't hate on him like that. Thank you for making me upset just like everyone else. It's not fair just because I love Rob people have to make fun of him and upset me. Would you really say that to someone's face?

Anony... AnonyMOUSE715

Robsession. You sound so pitiful. Why do people have to make fun of him and upset you? It upsets you THAT bad when someone does not like someone you have never ever met and most likely will never meet? I don't particularly like him, not going to make fun of him, but I really don't think there's a reason to be that upset girlie!!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Seriously? I posted an hour before you for one thing so you can't possibly think that I was stating my opinion just to make you mope. Secondly, yes I would tell him to his face that he's a talentless hack who has neither the acting skills not the looks to play Bond. If sticky looking pretty boats float your boat that's your business and you are more than welcome to him.

PonyC... PonyChaser

No. Just no. First, I agree that James Bond should always be played by a Brit. He's a British Spy, and no American can do the role justice.

But Pattison is all kinds of wrong. He's the boy next door. I've only seen him act as Cedric in Harry Potter, so I am no judge of his acting talent. That particular role was small and undemanding, and he played it well. But physically, he's just not right. Bond is NOT the 'boy next door'. He's imposing, has a dark history, and (aside from being drop-dead gorgeous), carries an air of danger with his sophisication.

Pattison is not nearly mature enough to have cultivated that kind of aura yet. Give him another ten years at least, and then maybe. Until then, I nominate Richard Armitage, currently known as Thorin Oakenshield, from The Hobbit. If anyone was born to play that role, it's him.

nonmember avatar VolturiVixen

Rob would be perfect as James Bond!

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