Courtland Rogers Steals Jenelle Evans’ Cellphone & Gives Her Another Reason for Divorce

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jenelle evansIt's not a very nice thing to say, but I do hope Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and husband Courtland Rogers get a divorce. After her illicit Twitter tirade, it sounds like Jenelle's totally fed up with Courtland since he supposedly left town while she was in the hospital dealing with a potential miscarriage crisis. Add on to that the earlier report that Courtland stole Jenelle's phone and as a result cost her $5,000 in meet-n-greet fees, this guy has got. to. go.

I mean, when the dude's stealing your cell and turning down money making opportunities on your behalf, let alone abandoning you in a dire time of need, it's pretty obvious that he's an idiot. Even Jenelle's manager is pissed.

He tweeted:

Courtland was texting me as JENELLE Saturday. No telling how many messages she hasnt got. This 1 cost her $5000! Jenelle never even knew, Courtland hijacked her phone and was pretending to be her.

Turns out, a huge fan of Jenelle's was willing to pay that large sum just to meet her, but now, who knows. Sounds like the deal's off the table.

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Manager Leo Daniels later tweeted that Courtland admitted to the thievery, which just makes everything that much weirder.

The only reason I can think of that a woman's husband would steal her phone and turn down business deals would be that he's insanely jealous, insecure, and fucking bored.

None of those three traits does a decent husband make.

We'll see if Jenelle follows through on her promise to divorce Courtland ASAP, but here's hoping she not only divorces him, but gets a restraining order, too.

Are you rooting for a Jenelle/Courtland divorce?


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LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

hmmm... someone was going to pay $5000 to meet her? Did you forget the decimal point, because I might believe $50.00, but this sounds like a manager doing what a manager does, bringing publicity. 

dirti... dirtiekittie

jenelle evans has a manager?! and someone wanted to pay $5000 to meet her?! i either missed my morning coffee today or someone slipped me a doozie in my drink last night. wow. 

Ang9403 Ang9403

I wouldn't even pay 5 dollars to meet her.

Cindy Mullenax

SHE WOULD PAY TO MEET ME!!! WHO in their RIGHT MIND would PAY to meet a Woman who can't even TAKE CARE OF HER OWN KID???

mleil... mleilanim

He looks like white trash. 1st impressions, right?

fullo... fullofhope1

Why would her manager be so irresponsible to go on twitter and you curse words and call him names. Isn't he supposed to be professional? I am not sticking up for Courtland but what kind of manager does she have? A bad one.

nonmember avatar shell

He stole her phone, yet she's been tweeting up a storm, talking nothing but crap about him for days on end now.

Joy Muncy

So you are saying that she needs a phone to get on twitter? Team Janelle...

shell... shellyplatz

It's all to keep her in the news, she's a drama queen

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