Taylor Swift Already Has Her Sights Set on Another Floppy-Haired Musician

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Ed SheeranWow. That was fast. Amid rumors that Taylor Swift flew to London in the hopes of patching things up with Harry Styles, now it looks as though she has officially moved on from her old beau. She may even be ready for a rebound romance with yet another young musician.

Rumors are starting to swirl that Taylor may be striking up a romance with Ed Sheeran, who just happens to be the opening act on her 2013 tour. (Isn't that convenient?)

Yes, you know who he is. Ed Sheeran? The British dude who sings "The A Team" -- the redhead (or I guess I should say ginger) with the shabby haircut?

If there is anything remotely romantic between Taylor and Ed, it's definitely only in the beginning stages. But he did go out of his way to do her a little favor recently, which has to mean he likes her a little bit, right?

He got some of her friends tickets to his concert in Nashville (whatta guy!), a gesture which Taylor appropriately thanked him for on Twitter. She wrote, "BFF status to @edsheeran for hooking up my friends with tickets to his nashville show!!"

"BFF status," huh? Nice try, Taylor, but we've heard that one before.

After all, don't most boyfriends start out as just friends, and then eventually progress into something more? (That's how all the cool kids are doing it these days.)

To be honest, Taylor could do a lot worse than Ed. He seems like a pretty nice dude, and he's 21, so at least he's not a teenager (she has to stop dating teenagers). And maybe, if she's lucky, he's not the type who pays a lot of attention to what goes on in the American media, so maybe, just maybe, he isn't aware of her scarred dating reputation. (Hmm. That could definitely work in her favor.)

Do you think Taylor and Ed make a cute couple?


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nonmember avatar Carrie

He's also one of Harry Styles' best friends and has already laughed at these rumors in the past when they recorded together. Ed seems to have a decent head on his shoulders, so I'm guessing he's too smart for her nonsense.

nonmember avatar Andie

Unlikely, as Ed is a very close friend of Harry's. Taylor has friendzoned him already by following him on twitter - she never folllows love interests. He's too short for her anyway.

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