Charlie Brown Voice Actor Arrested & Another Beloved Childhood Character Takes a Creepy Turn (VIDEO)


Peter RobbinsHere's a bit of disturbing news for anyone with fond memories of those Peanuts TV specials: the voice actor responsible for bringing Charlie Brown to life was arrested on Sunday -- on FIVE felony charges. Apparently 56-year-old Peter Robbins was busted as he crossed into the United States from Mexico at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, and was subsequently arrested on four felony counts of making a threat to cause death or great bodily injury, along with a single felony count of stalking.

Charlie Brown is a stalker? What iconic childhood character madness is going on lately? Wasn't it enough that we'll never hear Elmo's high-pitched voice quite the same way again? What's next, E.T. gets arrested for soliciting a prostitute/improper use of animatronics?

It's true that it's been many, many years since Peter Robbins provided Charlie Brown's voice, since he started when he was just 9. However, it's probably Robbins' voice that's most familiar to you -- he did several TV specials and films, including two many of us know by heart: A Charlie Brown Christmas, and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

According to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokeswoman, Robbins was arrested at the San Ysidro Port of Entry when his background check revealed he was wanted by the San Diego Sheriff's Department on a felony warrant for crimes against a person. He's currently set to be arraigned Wednesday on counts of making a threat to cause death or great bodily injury and of stalking.

What a bummer. I mean, this really has nothing to do with the character he voiced decades ago, but it's always hard to remove the association once it's made. My treasured Charlie Brown TV special DVDs aren't going anywhere, but the next time I play them for my kids, I bet a teeny part of my brain wonders … did all those missed footballs have a negative effect? Boy, if only there was someone he could talk to about all this...

Here's a clip of Robbins from an interview at San Diego's Comic-Con:

Are you surprised to hear about this particular arrest?

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CAP1015 CAP1015

WOW, I read this and there are about two facts in the whole piece.  While it is minor news and interesting and we know he was arrested on an outstanding warrant, what we DON'T know is:

1. how old is the charge 2. is the charge relevant 3. was it a default charge, i.e. he didn't show up to court, etc. 4. does he have a defense .

It could be he is a horrible person and a huge danger to society OR it could be he had a crazy person he was involved with and they caused him some legal grief, or something in-between.  But when you read the headline and the artilcle you only get guesses and a piece designed to catch your eye but then provides nothing in return...........

nonmember avatar Rob

Poor Charlie Brown! Everyone's always picking on him!

MarthaNan Bonelli

Good greif Charle Brown did i hear the news right,that your troubles started over a fake set of BOOBS? With all the money you made from Peanut films i would think you could afford to buy half of L.A. false boobs and still have money to boot.Mommy...

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