Jenelle Evans Says Pregnancy & Marriage May Both Be in Serious Trouble

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Jenelle EvansBetter pop some popcorn, folks, the Jenelle Evans show is back on, and it's more dramatic than ever. The pregnant Teen Mom 2 star is threatening to divorce husband Courtland Rogers. Again.

If it seems like just a week has passed since he told the whole world he was a proud papa-to-be, and the two were crowing about how they were going to be such wonderful parents to this kid that Jenelle would regain custody of son Jace, you're right. It's been exactly a week since the couple sold their happily ever after tale to the tabloids for an undisclosed sum. And now Jenelle has dropped two huge bombs in our lap. Ready for them? You don't want to choke on that popcorn now ... (warning, not everything is safe for work or the kids ... bad language to follow).

She's divorcing Courtland. And she may or may not be having a miscarriage.

The latter is sad. Period. If Jenelle is truly going through the loss of a baby, the world needs to set aside all feelings of "why oh why?" about her pregnancy and recognize that miscarriage is ROUGH on any woman.

As for the former, well, we've been here before. She obviously is not in a stable marriage. They're constantly at odds with one another.

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And yet, the way Jenelle has gone about sharing this news with the world makes it awfully hard to be sympathetic, doesn't it? This morning she Tweeted the following:


OK. She's mad. She's upset. But she just tweeted her divorce instead of TALKING TO HER HUSBAND.

Jenelle, Jenelle, Jenelle!

She is playing right into the hands of the conspiracy theorists who said this whole pregnancy was a hoax to get money. But worse -- much, much worse -- she's refusing to deal with her actual problems, returning to her age old habit of whining about how much her life sucks instead of standing up, putting on her big girl pants, and doing something about it!

At some point, she's going to have to look at the common denominator in all of her problems ... its name is Jenelle Evans.

What do you think of these two Jenelle bombs?


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sand008 sand008

Immature Lil girl. A grown woman wouldn't expose he dirty laundry online. Its embarrassing.

momof... momof3cuties987

She is probably going to have an abortion and just going to say it was a miscarriage.

dirti... dirtiekittie

she'll get an abortion with her "undisclosed sum" money and divorce courtland. maybe get another round or two of lipo and cosmetic surgeries and drink and prance around in bikinis. she'll date another string of terrible losers who line up like her lawsuits and arrest records and wonder why she can't find a good man to take care of her. she'll dangle the "someday i'll be a good mom" carrot in front of everyone's faces until they give in to her demands. then she'll whine about how hard her life is day in and day out, and how nobody understands her, because it's just SO HARD to have a kid you don't raise yourself. 

there, i've summed up the next year for this girl. can we stop talking about her now?

Crystal Weber

My theory from the get go.  She was never pregnant.  But this has played out exactly how I thought it would.  Major relationship with hubby that causes her to miscarry from stress.  Now what will happen is the "miscarriage" will bring them closer than ever.  Just watch.  It's a perfect "story" for publicity and money.  

nonmember avatar melissa

LOL @ the common denominator comment...

What's sad about this... there are more young women with Jenelle s 'common senses then anyone would like to admit. It shows a glimpse into the world I have no clue about.

Joyce Browning

grow up and suck it up cupcake life aint easy if you're that unhappy then divorce him and quit crying bout it dang.

Carmen Schoen

All that stress is very bad for her baby and probably the reason she's miscarrying. She better just forget about her hubby and if she even cares at all about her baby, she'll focus on getting herself better and taking care of herself. When you're pregnant, everything is about the baby and taking care of yourself, something she needs to work on.

nonmember avatar Shannon

I'm just so tired of hearing about her. I still can't get her screaming voice out of my head when she argues/fights with people. She needs to grow up and learn how to talk to people. She shouldn't of gotten married in the first place because they probably didn't know each other well enough before they did. The last thing she needs is another kid. How can you be like "oh look at me my mom has custody of my son and I'm going to be a great mom to this new baby" doesn't happen that way! Gosh I had my son at almost 19 and I was way way more mature than her and I take care of him and I'm ALWAYS with him. I accepted the responsibility. I don't go out or anything because being with him is the most important thing. Just divorce him already because obviously your marriage was a mistake and please give the baby up for adoption or let your mom have custody of this one too.

Clarissa Green

Surprise....Surprise. Way to grow up Jenelle.

nonmember avatar Lucy

SOMEONE needs to stop an worry about HER! She's in BIG trouble!! IF she don't kill herself she's gonna make Lindsey and Britney look like poster children for nuns!!

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