Lindsay Lohan Thinks ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Would Be a Step Down From Morgue Janitor

lindsay lohanI don't mean to sound harsh, but considering the past few years of Lindsay Lohan's life have been something of a ... struggle, both personally and professionally, maybe turning down a $550,000 gig on Dancing With the Stars wasn't the best decision to make right now. Oh, hadn't you heard? Yes, apparently DWTS was so keen on adding LiLo to next season's cast, they were willing to pay her over half a million dollars. This is Lindsay Lohan we're talking about here, just to clarify -- Lindsay Lohan, whose recent work includes indie film The Canyons (for which she was paid $100 per day) and a janitorial position at the Los Angeles morgue (for which she was paid the privilege of not being locked up in jail).

Of course, Lindsay Lohan, being a true thespian, says she'll never stoop to reality TV -- film is her passion. Hey, a girl's gotta have standards, right? But let's just entertain the possibility that LiLo doesn't end up getting hired for any big money movie roles anytime soon.


Still gotta pay the bills (i.e., any outstanding loans to the Bank of Charlie Sheen) somehow, and while Lohan probably doesn't know this, gainful employment is hard to come by these days. Another thing Lohan might not be aware of, since she's most likely never filled out an actual job application: Most employers don't look too kindly on the whole criminal history thing. Never mind whose names and contact info she could possibly write under the "Personal References" heading. (That one porn star guy from The Canyons, maybe? He seems sort of nice.)

Oh, LiLo. I'm not the most practical gal myself, so I feel for the girl (sorta), but I really think turning down this particular offer is a big mistake. Unless she's secretly saving the Dancing With the Stars option for later on in life -- you know, the Kirstie Alley phase of her career. (Post-failed weight loss-endorsement deal.) In which case, it could be a brilliantly calculated move.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan should do Dancing With the Stars?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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