'The Following' Is Good if You Like Violence, Cliches & Kevin Bacon (VIDEO)

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kevin bacon in the followingI had no intention of watching The Following last night. My DVR is so backed up right now it's giving me anxiety. But my husband wanted to check it out, and hello, Kevin Bacon, so 42 minutes of extremely gratuitous violence and gore it was.

I'll most likely go back in for seconds next Monday night. But I'm not so sure I'm going to like it.

Despite the standard cheesiness that comes with getting the exposition out in all pilots, at first I was intrigued by The Following. There Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) stood in his expansive trendy/messy Brooklyn loft (DUMBO?). An ex-FBI agent responsible for bringing down famed serial killer Joe Carroll. His phone rings. "Ryan, we need you. Joe Carroll has escaped." After a bit of protest and "no, that chapter's closed in my life," cut to Hardy in Virginia at Carroll's latest crime scene.

As the show went on, the character cliches and serious gore did, as well. (I.E., Ryan fills his water bottle with vodka, showing another one of his flaws. I.E., we see a naked woman stab herself with an ice pick after reciting Edgar Allen Poe's last words: "Lord help my poor soul." Oh, if you didn't see the show, you should know, the common theme throughout Joe Carroll and his "followers" slayings is Edgar Allen Poe, which, yes, is kind of corny.)

Bottom line, this show isn't breaking any new ground. In fact, just the opposite. It seems a little bit derivative -- the whole "cult following" of a serial killer. (Side note: If you saw this show, did you not think it was slightly insane that that gay couple moved next door to Maggie Grace's character just so Carroll could get to her? I mean, come on. That's a tad elaborate, even for suspension of disbelief.) Also, it's definitely way more violent than it has to be. (I can tolerate a fair amount of gore, but even I found myself wincing away at times.) However, I'll definitely give it another go. It certainly has potential to be one of those guilty pleasure shows, like American Horror Story or Revenge. And, yeah, Kevin Bacon.

Did you see The Following? What did you think?

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LoriA... LoriAnn87

it was good.

sukainah sukainah

I didn't see it but it sounds like something I might like.

ceciliam ceciliam

I forgot it was on but I heard it will replay on Friday and I will try to catch it! I want to like it but I'm not a fan of too much gore. I really like Kevin Bacon though and would like to see his show succeed!

MamaB... MamaBear2cubs

I forgot about it,I am interested to watch it though.

fave82 fave82

I liked it!

godde... goddess99

I didn't see it but I plan to watch it. I love Kevin Bacon.

lynds... lyndsey.akley

I hadn't planned on watching it, i'm not a fan of gore usually, but I'm a huge fan of Poe. i'll certainly tune in for future episodes to see what happens.

Sadie Heldberg

Anytime there are serial killers and Edgar Allen Poe in the same television program, you can’t blame the population for going a little crazy. As far as I’m concerned, having the opportunity to watch Kevin Bacon on a weekly basis is enough to get me interested! I’ll miss the premier, since I have to work nights at my job at DISH. But, I’m setting my DISH Hopper to auto-record the big 4 networks during prime time hours using PrimeTime Anytime. This way I can look forward to the weekend when I can relax and formulate my own opinion while relaxing in front of the TV.

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