'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Mauricio Should Have Stayed Out of Brandi Glanville & Adrienne Maloof's Business

Mauricio Umansky Kyle Richards and Taylor ArmstrongThis week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we picked up where we left off last week with Brandi Glanville telling Mauricio Umansky to shut the f*ck up. They went back and forth a bit before Kyle Richards finally commanded her husband to stop it. She should have told him a tad bit sooner.

Ken Todd continued sticking up for Brandi while Taylor Armstrong tried once again to make it all about her. "I’ve been through anything anyone here has been through times 10 ..." Snore. Even Camille Grammer had enough. “It’s just so Taylor, to be like it’s all about me,” she told the cameras. And we're so over Taylor.

As Brandi tried to leave the restaurant, Mauricio stopped her and tried to tell her it wasn’t personal. Um, WHAT?! How in the hell is it not personal when he just called her out in front of a group of people for what she said about Adrienne Maloof?

He totally tore her apart, and then had the gall to tell her it wasn't personal. Was he admitting it was all about business (anticipated or otherwise)? Even if that's the case, he certainly made it personal without knowing all the facts. "I don't know what I don't know about, and that's the truth," he said. Uh, yeah.

“It felt personal,” Brandi told him. Ken then piped in and called him a typical male, which Kyle immediately felt the need to correct. “Ken, my husband is anything but a typical man,” she told him. The fact that Mauricio actually liked the headband she wore to the art gallery opening later certainly backed that statement up (did ANYone else think that was a good look for her?).

Kyle and Mauricio then had Adrienne and Paul over for dinner. They had been away as they “needed a break from Brandi’s toxicity.” Mauricio made it very clear that he'd been sticking up for them, and also had to point out that he “didn’t even flinch” when she told him to shut the fuck up. Big man. Is it just me, or is Mauricio becoming pretty annoying?

Kyle is the queen of trying to stay neutral and trying to keep everyone liking her (and her husband’s business), but Mauricio very definitely picked a side here, yet he’s still trying to pander to both sides. Why is it he felt the need to get involved again?

At the big art gallery opening, after Yolanda Foster did some ridiculous negotiating (not as ridiculous as her telling the moving man he needed to go home and learn English, but still quite ridiculous), Mauricio tried to make amends with Ken. Or at least that’s what it seemed like when he went up and handed him a bottle of gin. Ken was still high after being surrounded by the glamazon beauties with their boobs in his face and seemed utterly confused as to why Mauricio was giving it to him. “I don’t like it,” he told him. Then he almost left without it, and Mauricio had to remind him to take it.

As Lisa Vanderpump was leaving, she ran into Mauricio. When he asked her what was up, she said "a lot," but that she didn't have time to discuss it then. Mauricio then acted shocked that she would have any sort of problem with him. Maybe that portal into another dimension at Kim's house sucked him away for a bit, but of course she has a problem after he attacked her girl Brandi like that.

Next week some of the ladies are headed to Vegas, which should be interesting. The final lineup of who's in wasn't quite firmed up, but I'm feeling pretty confident it won't include Adrienne. When she and Brandi shall finally meet is the big question, though even then I'm not sure it will provide the answer we all really want -- what the hell did Brandi say about Adrienne?

Oh yeah, and Paris Hilton showed up. Random.

What did you think of Mauricio telling Brandi it wasn't personal?


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nonmember avatar danusha

If this whole thing was between Adrienne and Brandi then Brandi should NOT have made a comment before a huge table of people ... by having such a need to spread negative energy she made this between everyone. Brandi needs to finally learn what you give out comes back to you multiplied.

Sharon Forshee Holdcraft

So glad I am NOT wealthy if these are the type of "friends" they each seem to need. Lisa, has proven she is the only one with class. Yolanda is a bubble off the beam. Kim is still a flake, Kyle is a malicious instigator whose hubs is way too full of himself. Taylor......let it go! Brandi, bless her heart, can't win for losing. I have many friends new and old but, never would any of them act that way in public. The f-bomb is so classless. In their world, with friends like these, they don't need enemies! It's just not the way we roll sown here in the south!

Miche... MichelleK41

The men should really stay out of it. Brandi spoke of A's surrogacy and had it not been bleeped out it would have been broadcast to all watchers. Apology or not that was way personal to be broadcasting. But I am sure A is not so innocent in her public rantings about others.

Kay Wiermaa

I'm sorry, I usually see Mauricio as the voice of reason. I think Brandi is less than innocent and wonder why she felt she needed to get involved in spreading the news of Adrienne and Paul's personal business anyway? Brandi should realize this gossip may affect the children, etc. Brandi does everything by stirring a turd until everyone wants to know what stinks.

nonmember avatar MEL

I totally agree with Kay, I think the same about Brandi and the same about Mauricio. Brandi is just full of it, she needs to learn how to shut her mounth more often, she only does this to get more attention on the show. No wonder she doesnt have a husband! Mauricio and Kyle are my favorite couple on the show, and about Taylor, ok we know what you have been thru but you looked ridicoulos when you were holding Brandi's hand when she was the one who was talking crap about you at the reunion!

nonmember avatar mariposa

Kyle blurted out "surrogacy!" for all to hear, the belly dancer, the people at all the tables in the restaurant and anyone walking on the sidewalk near the restaurant. For all the 007 whispering and making sure not to say it, she said it. Too funny. She needs the same letter Brandi got from Adrienne's lawyers.

nonmember avatar RoMo

Did anyone else seem to forget Maloof Hoof calling Brandi a drug addict and a bad mom. At least what Brandi said was true and what they stated on TV was slander. Plus how she went after Lisa and what she said could have ruined Lisa's business. Maloof Hoof got what she deserved. If I were Brandi- I would serve Maloof with a lawsuit for slander.

Karen Bolick

If Adrienne hadnt been lying about her stories of labor then this wouldnt have come out..I think they way Brandi stated it was a little harsh, but the fact that she pointed AD out to be a liar AGAIN shouldn't be lost in the shuffle of drama and that is what Adrienne is hoping will happen. I dont believe anything out of Maloof's mouth. Funny Paul called Brandi after the divorce and apologized for everything. Adrienne is a liar and they always get found out in the end....she is a Lisa wanna be too. Wants to be classy, wants to loved, wants to be refined...but still just a plastic trash bag

Julie Marquez

i really thing that Kyle needs to speak up and say that Brandi would have never said anything if it hadnt been for Kyle asking what the problem was between Brandi and Adriene..i'm all for team Brandi..YOU GO GIRL!!!!

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