Kim Kardashian Might Be Pregnant Thanks to Jay-Z

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Kim KardashianAn ex-girlfriend of Kanye West has some choice things to say about the future dad of the World's Most Famous Baby. Most notably, the brunette beauty, Brooke Crittendon, who dated Kanye for two years and broke up with him in 2006, thinks that the new Kanydashian came into existence due to the influence of Jay-Z, Kanye's hero and mentor. Brooke told The Sun:

Over the years Jay has been a role model to him. Whether it is starting to be more mature, taking chances with clothes or getting married and starting a family, ultimately he takes those cues from Jay.

And since Jay-Z settled down and had Blue Ivy with his wife, Beyonce, Brooke says it makes sense that Kanye wasn't far behind putting his own little bun in Kim Kardashian's oven.

Brooke also says it's no surprise that Kanye ended up with a gal like Kim, sex tape and all. In fact, the sex tape was probably a plus. She says Kanye goes for women who are wanted by other men:

There's Halle Berry, J-Lo and Beyoncé but they are all taken. She [Kardashian] fits into his brand.

Hm, I definitely don't see Kanye with any of those other three ladies, do you? Brooke says that Kanye and Kim have had a "thing" for awhile:

I'm sure he watched her tape. After we broke up, we caught up as friends and he mentioned her, I knew something was there.

Well, this makes sense, considering Kanye's last girlfriend, Amber Rose, had accused Kim of trying to steal her man. Speaking of Amber, a few months ago, I predicted that Kim get pregnant since Amber was now pregnant with Wiz Khalifa's baby. So I guess we all have our theories.

And, oh yeah, they probably just wanted a baby. But certainly getting your cues from someone you admire can push things along.

Why do you think Kanye and Kim got pregnant?


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littl... littlesuzyfrog

Because Kim was the only sister not to be married, or have a man and baby.  She picked one and ran with it.  Honestly, that's cynical,  but with this family, jealousy and tv/brand promotion wins/rules over true love and commitment.  Maybe it's real,  but with her track record with her image, and her tv show, men eventually don't want their life played out on tv, and leave.  Good luck to all three of them!

jessi... jessicasmom1

well that is what we do as we grow older Kim was the only one not steady with a man ... Best of Luck to them but I sure hope they think twice bringing that child into the limelight

Madel... Madelaine

Well, good luck to all!

ceciliam ceciliam

Who knows! Who knows if it was even planned.

JNLmo... JNLmomme09

I think Kim got pregnant on purpose bc Reggie bushes new Kim kardashian look alike is pregnant.

MamaB... MamaBear2cubs

Happy for them,I don't know if it was planned or not.

4cadi... 4cadillac

Im not a big jayz fan but if he*s the cause 4 kanye becoming a better man then good! Kimye seems like they are a perfect fit 4 each other. I jus wish kris would jus sign the divorce papers already!!!

Leele... Leelee1008

If I had to guess it was either an oops! or on purpose for publicity!

aneela aneela

i cant even being to think of why...but congrats to them

Krist... KristinRox

I think they got pregnant because they wanted to get pregnant. They are adults.. why does there have to be any more to the story? 

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