'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Moore Needs to Butt Out of the Booty Business

Kenya MooreOn The Real Housewives of Atlanta tonight, the battle lines were drawn, and it was all about the booty workout videos. On one side was Phaedra Parks with her donkey booty workout, and on the other side was Kenya Moore with her stallion booty workout video, which she decided to do after she and Phaedra's business deal went sour.

Surprisingly, not everyone was on Phaedra's side. It seems pretty clear to me -- she's totally ripping off Phaedra's idea and is a big "copycat" as Apollo pointed out. Even if she was pissed at Phaedra for the way their deal went down, that's still pretty low. But Cynthia Bailey doesn't see it that way and was even supportive of Kenya. When Kenya was saying a video with her fabulous self on the front would be much more appealing than one graced with Phaedra Cynthia agreed.  "I don't understand why anyone would want to look like a donkey," Kenya said, and Cynthia and Peter were right there onboard with her.

Of course when Phaedra was there, Cynthia didn't say a word to support Kenya. Phaedra was musing that Kenya must be bipolar (and I'm not sure I disagree based on what we've seen of her), and while Cynthia told the cameras she thought that was wrong, she stayed mum at the time (she likes to play both sides it seems). Porsha Stewart was just glad that someone else was finally seeing the evil of Kenya's ways. "She's the devil's sister," Phaedra said.

Kandi Burruss wanted to get Kenya's side of it straight from the horse's stallion's mouth, but after hearing it, she called her a bootlegger. "You're coming straight for her," she said. Exactly.

NeNe Leakes, however, floated into town and was firmly on Team Kenya. She said Phaedra does a lot of shady things, and that she didn't think a donkey booty was cute. "Have you ever seen a donkey booty?" she asked.

Finally Kenya told Phaedra to her face about her workout video. Phaedra made sure she knew that a stallion is a MALE horse, which I honestly wonder if Kenya had considered before that time. It's a pretty good point.

In the end, Phaedra chalked it up to imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, while Kenya declared Phaedra to be suffering from "full-of-shititis". The bottom line (no pun intended) is that Kenya couldn't care less what anyone thinks as long as she gets what she wants -- which in this case is money. “If I want to make a video because I’m hot, I’m going to make a video because I’m hot!” she declared. And, of course, she ended with a twirl.

Which would you be more apt to buy -- Phaedra's donkey booty video or Kenya's stallion workout video?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar CaMom

Is there ANYONE in Atlanta who doesn't know that a stallion is a MALE horse???? Kenya sounds so stupid when she keeps saying she's "like a stallion" - idiot!!

nonmember avatar sisie

I would buy kenya's video... quite frankly I think phaedra and all in her team is full of shit also... None of them are real... the minute porsha heard that phaedra and kenya had a fall out dhe was too happy to jump on team phaedra... even though phaedra wasn't giving her time a day b4. I love Kenya she speaks her mind and she's real about it! I feel Kenya is trying to be too nice to that bitch Candi...she's full of shit! As far as the video!

coppe... copperswifey

I wouldn't buy anything from Kenya. I think she's a liar. I would have to go with Phaedra's. :)

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Kenya is quite the character. This woman is too crazy for words. Phaedra was right, I sense a little bit of bipolar-ism and maybe a little lithium will do the trick. Cynthia's fashion show was adorable. I loved seeing all those little kids in their cute outfits. 

As a black woman with no booty, I'm definitely going with Phaedra's donkey booty workout.

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Just name the Videos Horses Ass one and two and leave it at that

nonmember avatar deenaprice

I'm team Phaedra. Kenya is missing a few cards from the deck. And Kenya's body is not even firm enough to be doing a video. Who wants to look like her? Remember this is the woman who thinks she is Beyonce's twin sister. Plus she said on camera that she got the distribution deal because of Phaedra's name. All I know is she had better not steal any of Apollo's moves, or she is looking at a lawsuit. It's all on tape, Kenya, it's all on tape.

Lynne Edwards Akers

Kenya is rather crazy and her looks are fading fast, she needs a hug from someone soon, so they can whisper in her ear..."Honey get over yourself, your making your making an ass of yourself, Bless your heart"

Andrea Goode

Ok Porsha is sweet but should learn to lose a fight. Its over Kenya won. Kandi come one girl you really think pheadra was cool and treating kenya like she was supposed to do it all free. Have you learned nothing from tardy for the party? Really? I am not a huge kenya fan but in this case she is right. I would use stallion booty as donkey booty was dumb too no one wants to think of themselves as a beast of burden. But I was with her kenya when she broke away and changed directions using her own resources. It may have been pheadra's idea but so what its not an orginal idea to begin with. wake up people, this is business and the days of stealing talent are over. Pheadra wanted Kenya to work for free in the name of friendship and that was the bottomline she was trying to use kenya like Kim used Kandi. Grow up people stop using your friends.

nonmember avatar Bijoux

This is not even close. I'm not Phedra's biggest fan, but in this case she is completely in the right. Kenya is at best in dire need of medication to treat her mental health issues (while she's getting treatment, maybe some medication to treat her bad skin as well) and at worst, foolish.

nonmember avatar pugmama776

Kenya's world is divine comedy! Her version of reality is amazing! Phedra knows how business and contracts are worked. Kenya is at a desperate moment to be so upset for something she contributed very little to and lost because what she brought was definitely not worth the payment and absolutely not worth the back end! She contributed nothing to the idea except to steal it! Crazy Girl!!! So much entertainment! Porscha, you are smart not to fight with this Bat ShXt crazy woman! xo

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