Did Sheryl Crow Know Lance Armstrong Was Doping?

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sheryl crow lance armstrongNow that Lance Armstrong has finally answered the big doping question, everybody's free to wonder about the answer to another big Lance Armstrong-related doping question: Did Sheryl Crow know? Crow was reportedly interviewed by federal agents in 2011 as part of the doping investigation, but has never spoken publicly on the topic. Well, let's do the math: Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong dated from 2003 to 2006, during which time Armstrong rode in the Tour de France twice, winning both times.

I think the real question to ask here is: How could Sheryl Crow NOT have known?

Okay, to be fair, I don't know the specifics of their relationship. Meaning, it was probably a long distance affair more often than not, what with the generally hectic schedules associated with both rock stars and professional athletes. And while there's a lot of info out there on the grave physical risks of blood doping -- EPO, by thickening the blood, can lead to heart disease, stroke, cerebral or pulmonary embolism and/or autoimmune diseases with serious health consequences -- I don't know anything about the sort of everyday side effects a girlfriend might notice, like acne or mood swings or sleeplessness. You know, the little changes that send up those "something's not quite right" red flags? 

Of course, Crow might have chosen to ignore those flags, as so many of us do when we don't want to believe the person we love has a problem. And it's possible that there aren't any red flags to speak of -- maybe blood dopers are perfectly fine for years and then, BOOM! Pulmonary embolism. But in the end, whether Crow was in denial or Armstrong was lying to Crow or Armstrong was lying to everyone and Crow was enabling the lie, it sounds like these two had a more dysfunctional relationship than anyone would have guessed.

Do you think Sheryl Crow knew Lance Armstrong was doping?


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sukainah sukainah

She probably knew and that would explain the break-up.  What a hard burden to carry.

MamaM... MamaMandee

I totally forgot they dated till just now!! I think she might have know something. 

BamaG... BamaGridironGrl

Don't you DARE lie to Oprah Lance! http://gridirongirl.org/why-people-do-not-lie-to-oprah/

bills... billsfan1104

Who cares about her. They were dating when he was still married. I don't feel sorry for her.

Blues... Blueshark77

Hard to say, without any obvious physical signs of blood doping, plus their own busy schedules, it could be hard for her to know. 

jessi... jessicasmom1

nothing but a cheater 

elasmimi elasmimi

All I know is I'm sick of hearing about it. Disgusted with him, and just want it to be over. Let's hear some real news. Let him move on to civil court.

count... countrygirlkat

Maybe she knew and maybe she didn't but it was a long time ago so it doesn't seem to really matter. 

coppe... copperswifey

she probably knew, but I can't say for sure :)

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