Poor Robert Pattinson Was Heckled for Being a Wallflower at Golden Globes Party

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robert pattinsonSometimes I just think our poor Robert Pattinson can't catch a break. The hits just keep on coming! At one of those awesome Golden Globes after-parties where all the celebs get drunk and let loose, Parks and Recs star and all around hilarious little guy Aziz Ansari apparently heckled RPattz for not dancing. That's right, RPattz was being too cool for school and played the part of a brooding wallflower all night.

Then, as Robert was leaving with Kristen Stewart, Les Miz pal Eddie Redmayne, and Sienna Miller, RPattz laughed off Aziz's jokes and said:

"Now you’re coming with us to keep on partying!”

That RPattz, what a sport. 

How awkward it would've been for everyone if he stuttered and shrank like a Shrinky Dink in front of Kristen Stewart. No one wants to see their man in a vulnerable position but thankfully RPattz was able to laugh at himself, keep his cool, and seem like a genuine guy all at the same time -- now that's sexy.

Even though he wasn't dancing, RPattz got off the wall long enough to give a Bachelor-style rose to Tina Fey. Sounds like he and Kristen  managed to have a great, non-dancing time at this after party hosted by Tina and Amy Poehler at the Soho House in West Hollywood. 

We'll forgive RPattz his wallflower ways this time, but next time? We'd love to see him cut a rug with Aziz. Maybe they could do a treat yo'self dance of some sort involving bathrobes and eye masks.

Who knows, anything's possible ... Oscar parties are right around the corner.

Do you think RPattz is a wallflower at parties?


Photo via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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MamaM... MamaMandee

He seems like the kind of guy who would be. 

nonmember avatar Guest43

Robert Pattinson is a beautiful flower!

nonmember avatar Tammy

I think no matter what he does at a party, he will catch hell from someone. But he seems to be a great guy who can laugh at himself so I say let him do whatever he likes. Even if he did "break loose" and dance, it would have been on you tube within minutes, and on E! the very next night. Cut the guy some slack!

coppe... copperswifey

I think he should be allowed to do what he wants. I don't know why people care so much. Do your own thing and stop worrying about everyone else.

BabyTeki BabyTeki

I think he seems like he would be

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