Did Jenelle Evans Get Pregnant Again So She Could Have a Spin-Off Show?

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Jenelle Evans and Courtland RogersI'm having a hard time accepting this whole Jenelle Evans pregnant with baby No. 2 thing. The Teen Mom star, who doesn't even have custody over her first son Jace, is beyond elated at this second chance at motherhood. Along with her husband Courtland Rogers, the duo see the pregnancy as an opportunity to start fresh. After the roller coaster the couple has been on the last few months getting married, getting tattoos, and in court -- I can't really blame them.

But a little something has me convinced that starting fresh isn't really the goal here. Why is that? Well, Courtland told Star that he "really wants" to do a MTV spin-off show and it's under consideration. Despite the fact that MTV says no new show is in the works, I'm almost at a loss for words. I just imagine the thought process: Hey babe, let's have a baby together, then we'll get more "famous," and have our own show. SO TOTALLY COOL, RIGHT?!

Wrong. I just cannot HANDLE these two.

I can't even get over that Jenelle's married to a man who thinks getting his wife pregnant is something that they could use to their advantage. If anything, this whole spin-off concept is just another prime example of why Jenelle and Courtland are NOWHERE near ready to be parents again.

Plus, the thought of what we would see on the spin-off literally frightens me. I'm sure that in her mind, an opportunity like this would give her a chance to show the world she can be a great mom. My problem? It was hard enough to see what Jenelle went through with Jace on Teen Mom the first time around. If this doesn't go well, how will she handle it? The girl needs to try raising this next child away from cameras, giving the little boy or girl a chance at a decent life without the added pressures of media attention.

Would you watch a Jenelle and Courtland spin-off? Do you think the couple is ready to be parents?


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Heath... HeatherMazzone

I hope CPS snatches that baby away the minute it's born.

Babs, go ahead and file for custody now.

Bmat Bmat

No, I wouldn't watch it.  I hope the child has a reasonable upbringing.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

nope her life is a train wreck and all she cares about is herself. this will be another child her mom will raise.

Zach Rosenberg

We need to stop worrying about the "stars" and start really working on getting MTV to change their ways. They speak directly to that teen boy/girl generation and what they're saying is no good. I grew up with MTV...but not THIS MTV.

Beth Winfree

i think people need to shut up and let them live there life already let them do what they want to its there lives

Debbie Kilvington

OMG. Who cares. Lots of people get pregnant every single day. She is just another human being trying to live their life as best as they can.

nonmember avatar Tay

Both of them need to be ashamed. Neither one of them take care of the kids they have now.. to me this is just more publicity

Selina Marie Hope

If you can't handle these two stop writing about them. You are just adding to their already ridicoulous fame. I wish her luck even if it is doomed. I feel for her with the way her mom treats her. Good luck Jenelle!


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