Taylor Swift Reportedly Begged Harry Styles to Get Back Together

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taylor swift harry stylesTaylor Swift just needs to stop. The girl is like a walking talking whining, singing personification of the movies How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and He's Just Not That Into You. I mean, we already knew she was a serial dater ... But now, we might have proof that she's, well, a bit clueless. One of those girls who doesn't know when she's crossed the line. And when every move she's making is the absolute WRONG one for the outcome she's got her heart set on. Ugh.

The "proof": Swifty Girl was so upset about the impulsive split with One Direction crooner Harry Styles that she sent her ex numerous text messages asking for his forgiveness, according to Perez Hilton. A source close to Tay says, "She was a wreck and torn up. [Harry] wouldn’t call her back. He thinks she’s too emotional." Um, ya think?!

Don't get me wrong. I am usually the first one to defend anyone deemed "too emotional," because I myself tend to be very sensitive and, well, yeah, emotional. But because of that, I made a lot of mistakes when I was younger/single. Mistakes like calling or IMing or texting a guy after he made it pretty clear he wasn't into it. And yeah, probably getting too attached or excited too soon ... and then getting too attached or upset when it ended more quickly than I thought it should have.

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Back then, I could have used a good ol' slap from someone like Patti Stanger who on her show Millionaire Matchmaker always advises women to adhere to certain gender roles. As in, you let the guy chase you! You don't act desperate. Ever. (Unless you're the one who screwed up and need to apologize, but then you do that and still let him come to you ...) Yeah, it sounds antiquated, but IT WORKS. Not to mention that it's liberating. Because if he's not calling or coming over or texting, then come on, who needs him?!

Whether or not this rumor is true, I'm with Tina Fey on this one: Taylor Swift clearly "needs some me time to learn about herself." And learn that she's above groveling for a second chance with a guy ... via text message!

Do you agree begging to get back together with someone is almost never a good idea?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

she's young, and who doesn't make mistakes when they're young? give the girl a break.

Queu Bond

How many deferent versions of this story does this make 7,8,9???

nonmember avatar keelee

Just go write a song and move on, Taylor.


Didn't bother to read after "she needs to stop". The Stir needs to stop. I don't even like her music (metal rules)but feel compelled to come to her defense. I'm sick of all the digs on this young woman. She is young and cute and she's no Lindsey. You don't hear of her getting drunk and driving recklessly. If the girl wants to date, damn it let effin date.

nonmember avatar Icantstandher

Seriously how could you even come to her defense? How many boyfriends ahas she had in how many months? Theres a difference between making mistakes and being plain stupid. She needs to get her life in check and stop making herself look so ridiculous. NO girl should be allowed to hop from guy to guy, bash them when he gets sick of their shit, and expect pity from everyone. Thats not how life works.


Was quite easy to defend her.

nonmember avatar Pippy

I've always found weird how much America hates its celebrities. I'm not from this country, but I live here, and it seems that the media/blogs/random people/etc want nothing more than celebrities to fail. Not that I'm from a country where there isn't an undercurrent of jealousy and envy of celebrity, but we just don't pay much attention (in Czech Republic). The downward spiral and perpetuating the downward spiral seem to be very important to people.

jessi... jessicasmom1

move on Taylor never dwell unto those who just seem to not care

godde... goddess99

Yeah why take something back that wasn't good enough the 1st time around. It's like putting spoiled milk back in your fridge thinking it's going to get better over time.

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