'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Has a Celebrity Crush but She's Totally Wrong for Him

Sean Lowe

Well, I guess if he doesn't find true love with one of the many eager ladies on his season of The Bachelor, Sean Lowe's celebrity crush may be just the thing to ease his broken heart.

Yes, Sean Lowe has a celebrity crush, which really shouldn't come as a huge shock to anyone, because we all have celeb crushes, right? Don't lie. You know you've got one or two A-listers you'd have a hard time turning down if the opportunity ever arose. (If Ben Affleck ever knocks on my door askin' for a good time, I know what my answer will be. And no, I'm not the least bit ashamed to admit it.)


Ok, ok, I'll stop rambling and tell you who Sean's crush is. Drum roll, please -- it's none other than actress Mila Kunis. (Watch out, Ashton.)

Mila Kunis, huh? She doesn't strike me as the right type of woman for him at all. But I guess that makes one thing pretty clear -- Sean definitely digs brunettes. And based on who he seems to be connecting the most with so far on The Bachelor, darker-haired beauties, we can probably go ahead and narrow down the playing field as to who he will and will not keep around each week.

But if Mila truly does have the type of qualities he finds attractive, then he must also be looking for a girl who has a decent sense of humor. Mila isn't exactly a stick-in-the-mud, so Sean must be looking for someone with a pretty large personality, versus a subdued, more soft-spoken woman -- you know, like Emily Maynard.

Don't worry, I'm kind of shocked and surprised too. I would peg someone like Mila to be a bit too much for Sean to handle, but maybe there's a lot more to him than what we're shown on TV? (There's gotta be, right?)

Are you surprised to hear that Sean has the hots for Mila? Who is your celebrity crush?


Image via ABC

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