Kris Humphries' Plan to 'Humiliate' Pregnant Kim Kardashian Will Backfire in the Worst Way

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kim kardashianKris Humphries, give it up already, dude. Seriously, this is just ridiculous. I feel bad that Kim Kardashian ripped your heart out and sullied your name forever, but you're not going to win this battle. There's literally no way. And now, you're starting to look like a bit of a jerk.

The new Republic US Weekly is claiming that Kris thinks that Kim's pregnancy has given him the upper hand and he's all aflutter about it, excited to, as Celeb Dirty Laundry put it, "humiliate and torture" her. A source told the mag: "Kris told his friends the pregnancy is the best thing to happen for him. He says he has all the power again."

Am I the only person who thinks this has gotten out of hand? I mean, even if you think Kim's the most obnoxious person on Earth, which I know someone out there has to, you have to feel sort of bad for the woman.

I'm guessing that the reason Kris thinks he "has all the power" here is because now that Kim's baking a baby Yeezy in her belly, she's really going to want a divorce from Kris. Not only is the press going to be bad times, who wants to be married to one dude while pregnant from another? There's more of a sense of urgency now. I'm sure Kim will want to be rid of Kris Humphries once and for all by the time she gives birth. AKA, Kris will be able to get what he wants from Kim -- her to admit their marriage was the ultimate sham (among other things I presume).

Maybe it's because I have a soft spot for pregnant ladies, or because quite honestly, I'm sick of this storyline already (I know, I know, I'm writing about it, gotcha) -- but to be happy your estranged wife is pregnant because you'll be able to get what you want makes you seem like, well, a dick.

Kris,, man. This is never going to end up all in your favor. You're dealing with Kris Jenner here. It's better for everyone at this point if you just walk away. Write a tell-all in 10 years. Possible titles: Out of Bounds: How I Got My Game Back After Kim Kardashian (Both On & Off the Court); Full Court Press: My 72-Day Marriage to Kim Kardashian; or Slam Dunk: What My 2 1/2-Month Marriage Taught Me About Life. I'm just spitballing here. We'll talk about it when it gets closer. At the very least, I think we can get a nibble from Knopf.

What do you think of Kris Humphries?


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nonmember avatar melissa

I couldn't agree more. He is pathetic and I wish it weren't that way. He certainly does not act like a man with dignity. Its been way too long and im surprised it has been dragged out this long

Jasmin Moon

LMFAOOOO this was an awesome read I cant stand Humphries he is so annoying!!! But i loved your titles for his book lol GENIUS!

laris... larissalarie

I think the guy got played. Why would he push so hard for her to admit the truth if he knew that it weren't? And seeing the pregnancy as a potential way to finally get the annulment didn't make him any worse.

I'll never think much of any guy who gets involved with KK, but I actually think a little more of him for standing up for himself in the divorce fiasco.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

I don't feel bad for Kim for one second.

nonmember avatar ShortRoadToRuin

I think a lot more of Mr. Humphries than I do of a nationally-known parasitic whore who's known ONLY for getting peed on in a sex tape. She and her ilk are disgusting, and are a good representation of why this country is declining at a alarming rate. She is truly filth.

nonmember avatar Bri

I think its funny. Clearly non of them know that while they are married Kanye cant be put on the birth certificate and that kim could have kris pay child support . Because they are married the baby is Kris's responsibility my sister with through the same thing.

nonmember avatar gloria

Your pathetic. You had your chance to be married to her and give her the life she asked for and you were a total jack ass! So she's happy and now blessed with a baby in her womb!! Get over it sore looser. It should be the other way around, drama QUEEN!

zandh... zandhmom2

Nope, it doesn't make him a dick.  If his purpose for holding up the divorce is it get her to admit that their marriage was a sham then he should hold out.  And since you like to name call, what do you call a woman who is married to one man and gets pregnant by other? HMMMM

quirk... quirkychic

Omg these two are truly pathetic. Him first of all for ever getting with her and her for being such a liar. Just move on already!

cmjaz cmjaz

Everywhere I read, he says that if she would just admit that the marriage was a fraud, he would sign whatever she wanted him to to end the marriage. Its her own inability to admit her fraud that is keeping her in this position.

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