Bethenny Frankel's New Uptown Apartment Is Daringly Close to Jill Zarin's

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bethenny frankelDid you see when Bethenny Frankel went on Ellen and said that she doesn't pay attention to the rumors about her split or the stacks of magazines publicizing her divorce? Yeah, well, here's another one she can turn a blind eye to, if she's so inclined. It's been reported that Bethenny and toddler Bryn have moved out of the $5 million apartment they shared with Jason Hoppy in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan and have taken shelter in a new place on the Upper East Side of the Big Apple.

That's all fine and good and whatever, but allegedly, Bethenny's got a new boyfriend, Warren Lichtenstein, a 47-year-old finance billionaire, who also happens to live in that building.

The two reportedly even vacationed together in Hong Kong this fall, which, naturally, incensed Jason.

Who knows if Bethenny's trying to get closer to this new billionaire boyfriend of hers or if it's just some rumor, but I can't help but keep my eye on the prize.

And that prize, of course, is a run-in with Jill Zarin, who also happens to live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Can you just imagine? There's Jill in her Madonna ponytail extension, browsing the soup section of their local organic bodega, when in walks a devastated and divorced Bethenny with her sad, droopy eyes and multi-thousand-dollar Birkin bag. They'll catch each other's gaze as they reach for the last can of low-sodium kosher chicken broth, and a wave of forgiveness and friendship will wash over them like a wine-drunk hug from Andy Cohen. The warmth will last for half a second until Bethenny comes to her senses and runs, runs, runs 90 blocks downtown and vows never to return to the U.E.S. ever again.

For she can lose her husband, lose her apartment, lose her dignity, but she can't for the life of her, and for us, lose herself in another relationship with Jill "the show still needs me" Zarin.

Cue Jill talking to the press about Bethenny's move into "her" neighborhood in 3 ... 2 ...

What do you think of Bethenny's move?


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nonmember avatar Lia

So she moves to another building because ja^%&ss Jason doesn't want to move out of her apartment and now she is lovers with the guy who owns the building? oh the great lenghts that the media will go to make Bethenny appear like a cheater. Bethenny has the money to rent any apartment she wants but why should she have to move, the one moving should be Jason, but he will stay there, enjoying an apartment that didn't cost him a dime.

Etta Samples-Bredeson

S**IT being with tht CRAZY Nutcase of a Woman is Payment enough !!!!

nonmember avatar Cookie O'Prey

Jason MORE THAN paid for that apartment by BEING MARRIED to that NUT BAG!! One point everyone SHOULD be on alert of, Bethenny is doomed to REPEAT the same horrific mistake(s) HER OWN mother made. Bethenny NEVER had any REAL RESPECT for Jason, or the wholesome way he was brought up or his hometown friends. Her GREAT distain for his parents, Bryn's grandparents was blatantly obvious on her show. Bethenny is truly a narcissist, it's all about her. She wants SOLE custody of Bryn, EXCUSE ME but didn't it take TWO of them to CREATE Bryn?!?! I know it takes 2 to make a relationship but in this case Jason NEVER HAD A SNOWBALL'S CHANCE IN HELL to have a "real relationship" w/PsychoGirl, jus' sayin' -

coppe... copperswifey

That is sad they had the one apartment being built and now they can't live in it and enjoy it. All I can say is I hope she's happy and finds some peace :)

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