Teresa Giudice Is Giving Advice About Happy Marriages at Bridal Expo


teresa giudiceHmm. Let's see. If a woman's husband called her the c-word on camera, if he cheated on her repeatedly, if they allegedly lived like roommates in a giant gingerbread mansion they couldn't afford, would I take marital advice from her? A bridal expo on Long Island thinks so. They've hired Real Housewife of New Jersey genius Teresa Giudice to speak at their convention about the virtues of a healthy marriage and how to be a happy wife.

The irony is so thick I think I just choked.

As is par for her crazy course, Teresa supposedly knows that her marriage isn't perfect, but has decided not to talk about her problems at the bridal expo. (Good call, Tre, good call.) She'll instead focus on the good things in her relationship, and her children.

Thing is, Teresa isn't the only one who knows her marriage "isn't perfect." We alllll know it isn't perfect. She and her husband were on TV, for crying out loud. Everyone knows. And since the expo is being held on Long Island, a stone's throw from Franklin Lakes, it's not a stretch to imagine that 90 percent of the attendees will have seen the episode where Teresa's husband Joe has a mysterious, grunt-filled phone call with a "work associate" and calls his wife a bitch and a c-word.

And they all will have seen how Teresa then tried to gloss over it by pretending to have sex with Joe in the vineyard right after he hung up. It was one of the most cringe-worthy moments in the history of television -- how could anyone forget?

So if Teresa thinks she's fooling anyone by talking about the positive things in her marriage, she's delusional.

But I guess we already knew that.

Would you be able to sit through a talk given by Teresa about how happy she is being married?


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CAP1015 CAP1015

other ironic news of the day, "later in the afternoon she will providing advice on personal finance, table tipping, and the proper use of the word "whore" in social situations' The talk will be called " I ain't that way, I'm classy"

Cheryl Legnosky Dorman

Oh great...maybe she should write another book! Doesn't she realze she is a joke? I guess some people don't care how big a fool they make of themselves just to make a buck! Sad, really...sad!

Norma J Brill

You know that anyone asking her a question is doing so just to get a laugh.

white... whiteragland

Who cares never like Joe as he is bully and controllable husband not caring his wife & kids

nonmember avatar barbara

Teresa is so delusional !!!!

coppe... copperswifey

haha now that is funny stuff! lol :)

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