'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Baby Bump Photo Is Pregnancy Confirmation We've Been Waiting For

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Jenelle Evans JaceAll right, drop the "she's faking it" conspiracy theories. It's looking like Jenelle Evans really is pregnant! The Teen Mom has come out to confirm her pregnancy as only Jenelle can. 

She tweeted a photo of her "baby bump" -- or as much as a bump as a woman has when she's just about seven weeks into pregnancy. And in true Jenelle fashion, it's a doozy. Are you ready? Might want to chase the kids out of the room, y'all.

Jenelle has treated us to -- what else -- a bathroom shot ... and a look-see at her lingerie. We always knew she was a Victoria's Secret girl, but now we know she prefers her bras pink and flowery!

Jenelle Evans baby bump

Ahhhh, so classy!

But did you note the little comment about her "little angel"? Jenelle might have let husband Courtland Rogers officially break the news of their baby-to-be, but now she's ready to talk about it ... and kill the theories floating around that she and the hubs made the whole thing up while she's at it. 

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'Memba how Courtland said she wasn't pregnant and that she's on the pill? Jenelle has admitted she missed a few pills, and that this pregnancy wasn't planned. But she doesn't want us to judge her on her past, just on how she moves on with her new family.

Fair enough.

For the sake of that baby and little Jace, we sure as heck hope she proves all her haters wrong. We hope she stays off the weed, keeps working, and lives a clean, drama-free life from here on out.

And while we're hoping, we might as well throw this out there: considering all the nude photo scandals this girl has had, here's hoping she's going to stay covered up. Maybe?

What do you think of Jenelle and her baby bump shot?


Image via MTV; Instagram

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Carmen Schoen

Nice to have a mom that takes half naked bathroom pics for the whole world to see... classy -_-

Parisa Amir

soo will she have custody of this new baby? since she gave up custody of baby Jace a while back. I wonder if she'll feel sad about having this baby but not having custody or taking care of her other baby (Jace).

Samantha Morehead

anyone notice the broken door in the back?

Ang9403 Ang9403

I wonder how long it will take for her to give up this one to the grandmother...

Heather Plew

So what if she is taking a mirror shot of her bump? And so what if she only has on sweats and a bra? Hell I did it with all three of my kids when I was pregnant. Nothing wrong with it.

twili... twilightsbella

Wow she dnt need another baby she doesnt act like a mother

Young... Young_Mommy89

What's the issue with the bra & sweats? You walk around in less on the beach. Smh. People just don't like her so they find anything they can to be prudish about.

No she hasn't been a good mother but her taking a pic like that is NOT a big deal

Kaybean Kaybean

People can change. That's my hope for her. Time will tell. I will say one thing though. If she cleans her act up well enough to be a good parent to this new baby, then she needs to get Jace back too.

Nicole Cressey

I agree, who cares if she is in a bra and sweats. But i sure hope she gets her act together and takes care of this new baby...but maybe this time it will be better because her new hubby will stay in the baby's life?

Kristin Willis

well her mom is a witch and I hope she enjoys her new baby...and I have seen girls wear a lot less than this so get over yourselves...People can change and how do you know what kind of mother she is when her mom won't even give her a chance to be with Jace...I hope she gets custody back to him and her mother can go sit in a jail cell cause that is where she needs to be for stealing jace from her in the beginning....her mother is an Ol' Bag......Jenelle enjoy your pregnancy and have fun with your child you deserve to show people that your better than they are!

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