Tiger Woods Reportedly Wants to Remarry Elin Nordegren in $350 Million Anti-Cheating Deal

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Elin Nordegren
You'd be smiling too.
Looks like all of that prancing around Elin Nordegren has done in her bikini lately has paid off -- big time! We're talking like a $200 million or $350 million payoff. No, Playboy doesn't have that kind of money. But Elin's ex-husband Tiger Woods does! And rumor has it he's willing to pay up for Elin to remarry him. Are you buying this? It comes from The National Enquirer, so take that as you will. However, would they dare make up such a bald-faced lie? I suppose they might dare. But listen to this. It sounds nuts. But in such an awesome way!

Reportedly, Tiger is still devastated by his divorce from Elin, who is the mother of his two children, and he is desperate to win her back. Don't you love it when they're desperate? Sure, The National Enquirer might not be the gospel of triple-checked facts, but it did break the original story about Tiger being a world class cheat. Says a source:

The guy has never recovered from being dumped by Elin. He's dated lots of models and bimbos, but none of them were more than a one night stand.

Hmm, really? 'Cause as I recall from last time, Tiger had his repeaters.

In order to remarry him, Elin (no dummy she) has supposedly demanded both a $200 million pre-nup and a $350 million "anti-cheating clause." Hells, y'all, for that kind of dough, I'd be rounding up bimbos at every strip club within a 200-mile radius and sending them straight to Tiger's bedroom. I'd even get him drunk first. (Not that he needs that.)

Elin already reportedly received $110 million from their divorce. Now this! Ahh. I guess a good woman is hard to find after all.

But would Elin really want to risk this kind of humiliation? I mean, not everyone wants to go back to a guy who thoroughly dissed her in front of the world (coughRihannacough). But for that kind of cash ... what's a little humiliation, amiright?

Anyway, according to the rag mag, Elin said yes and the two are planning their next wedding. So I guess we'll all find out soon enough if any of this is remotely real.

Do you believe this rumor? Would you take this deal?

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nonmember avatar zeeba neighba

The National Enquirer may be sleazy and make mountains out of molehills, but the one thing you have to give them is that their reporting is generally solid. Their headlines are obviously exaggerated and stretch the truth to close to the breaking point, but the stories themselves are well-researched, unlike many other gossip tabloids. They've actually earned some grudging respect from the journalistic community for that.

Sarah Elaine Freed

Guess every woman has a price for her dignity. 350Mill is hers. lol

forev... foreverealty

I like Tiger, I hope he finds peace and lots of support from genuine friends and family. He needs to get over the pain of losing his father who had been by his side and guided him ever since he was born. I pray he finds joy & happiness in the company of his children who needs him and keep playing golf please!

Renee... ReneeN1979

For love, my children, and, well, $550 million, I might consider it.

Renee... ReneeN1979

Okay... amendment... I would consider it for a million, but then putting all of my kids through college will be an actual challenge to me, unlike to Elin.

Terry Duerod

Can you say Vanessa and Kobe Bryant?

MadMa... MadMadelyn

I have to wonder how this conversation went down.

"Baby, I miss you, please take me back!"

"Oh, I'll take you back. Pay me millions to re-marry you and millions more in an ANTI-CHEATING CLAUSE, A-HOLE!!!"

She was probably being painfully sarcastic and he took her seriously.

Debbie Williams

Better question - why should we care?

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