‘Real Housewife’ Kandi Burruss Is Engaged but Please, No More Bravo TV Weddings!

kandi burrussIt's rare that there's ever a Housewife that seems too good for the show, but Kandi Burress is certainly one of them. She's smart, she's accomplished, she's ambitious, and most of all, she seems normal, as in, not certifiably insane. That's why when The Real Housewives of Atlanta star announced that she's engaged to boyfriend Todd Tucker, I was all awwww, then I was all waaaait.

She's not going to put her wedding on TV, is she?!

I mean, would she ever do something that Kim Zolciak has done before her? If ever there was an example not to follow, it's Kim's, and Kandi should, for the love of all things holy, keep her wedding a private affair.

Plus, we're kind of weddinged-out on the RHOA. We've seen Cynthia get married, twice, Kim tied the knot, and now it's possible that the newly reconnected NeNe and Greg will have their own wedding special, as well.

Kandi wouldn't dare try to compete with all that noise, right? As her song says, she needs to fly above all the drama and avoid getting caught up in all this fake bullshit.

She and Todd are better than that. I mean, how cute is he -- he asked Kandi's daughter Riley for her blessing before popping the question New Year's Day -- they shouldn't muddy their nice, loving event with Bravo cameras.

As of now, Kandi says she and Todd have a few dates in mind but aren't sure whether or not they'll invite the Bravo crew to film their nuptials for TV.

Weddings are played out on the RHOA, but besides that, Kandi's too smart to air her most intimate moment on television. At least I hope she is, anyway.

Do you think Kandi's wedding should be on the RHOA?


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nonmember avatar Jenny

Everybody else got their moment. Why shouldn't Kandi?

Ebonyelle Franklin

Weddings are NEVER over-rated and no one cares what Kim did. She is not relevant. I loved Cynthia and Peter's simple second wedding and I will watch Nene & Gregg's wedding with snacks on hand and Kandi's with drinks and snacks. LOVE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING.. If we can watch all of these white people "wedding" on tv and they barely show black people in love with one another on Tv (though we love each other every day and marry all the time) I will tune in, watch and record EVERY WEDDING I find between a black couple on tv! BAM. Congratulations Kandi & Todd.

nonmember avatar tia davis

I think she should show her wedding on TV for the people like me who is genuinely happy to see her fall in love and has watched her on the journey. Looking forward and I hope this turns out a different outcome than the last one.

Connie Poppell-Quinn

Hell No Khandi don't do it! Keep this between you and your family... You are blessed with being smart.... Please take care of you and your family first......

nonmember avatar debra humphrey

Please kandi we love watching you Todd I hope we get to see your wedding on housewives congratulations

nonmember avatar NorthmansBitch!

Good for her!!!! I'm glad that out of all of them she's getting married. After A.J. died and how totally laid back and sweet she is, hers would be the only REAL one!

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