Puking Tony Danza Mistaken for Some ‘Hungover Guy’ ... by Kate Upton


tony danzaWho's the Boss star Tony Danza barfed on a plane. Plain and simple. There's really no clever way of putting it that would have as much impact as just flat-out saying it. He was on an American Airlines flight from New York to Los Angeles this weekend when he felt the barfs coming on. Danza reportedly reached into the seat-back pocket in front of him, pulled out the barf bag, and vomited into it. Apparently, the actor got the flu "from his grandson or something" (or a 24-hour stomach bug thing that's been going around). But that's not what makes this sad, weird tale the saddest, weirdest tale you'll hear today. It's the fact that Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton was sitting right near him during the barforama, and she A) had no clue who he was; and B) tweeted about some "hungover" dude sitting next to her on the plane. Way to kick a dude when he's down.

Upton, who was flying with her manager, Lisa Marie Benson, tweeted: "I just found out @lisamariebenson has a phobia of throw up...I don't want to laugh but it is kind of funny the guy next to her is hungover.."

I'll have you know, Ms. Upton, that that guy who was sitting near you happens to be one of the great comedic sitcom geniuses of the earlier '90s. (What will you say next? You've never heard of Steve Urkel?) And that "hangover" happens to be the flu. Or a bug. I'm not sure. But I do know one thing: I feel old as hell.

Thoughts on Tony Danza vomiting on a plane? Anyone?


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lasombrs lasombrs

poor guy. Has to suck to be sick, then made to feel old that no one one remembers who you are, and accused of being hungover.

redK8... redK8blueSt8

I want to know how YOU know he wasn't hung over? To put out that he had the flu (ever so believable considering the epidemic sweeping the country) is much better P.R. than admitting to being hung over. Were you actually there? Did you see that he most definently was sick? Maybe I don't know of some well known Tony Danza trivia that he used to be an alcoholic and now never ever drinks, so he must have been telling the truth that it was the flu?

small... smallfryes

Did you seriously just write a story about Tony Danza puking?!?!

And we're actually debating why he puked?

People need to get a life if they feel the need to tweet about some poor guy getting sick on a plane, and people wanting to read about it.

And yeah, i read the article.  With a headline like that, I had to see if it was real.

Nope, it really was about what the title said.  How sad.

CPN322 CPN322

How could she not know who Tony Danza is? She's not that young.

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