'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Pregnant With Baby #2 & We're Scared Already

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Jenelle EvansIt's happened. Jenelle Evans has finally managed to completely shock us. The Teen Mom 2 star is ... get this ... pregnant. Yes, pregnant, as in there's a bun in that oven. As in Jace is going to have a half-sibling. As in the woman who does not actually have custody of the child who exists in this world is going to pop another one out!

Maybe the Mayans were on to something? The world didn't end, but there is this ...

What was first just a rumor floating around has been confirmed by none other than Jenelle's husband of five minutes, Courtland Rogers, who talked to Star Magazine (really) about the next child Barbara Evans will end up raising. Er, we mean ... ummmmm.

I hate to be completely pessimistic about Jenelle's pregnancy here, but let's face it: the girl does not have the best track record. A few weeks ago she was talking about divorcing Courtland. Now they're going to have a baby together?

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Courtland says he's excited that he and Jenelle can start over together and get a second chance, but he also dropped this bomb:

She thinks if she can prove that she’s a good mother, she can get Jace back.

Okaaaaay, so she already has ulterior motives for having this kid? It isn't just "we want a baby, so let's have one."

For this kid's sake -- and Jace's -- I hope Jenelle does prove she's a good mother, and Courtland does prove he's a good father. But if she really wants to prove it, she could start by not dropping bombs like this in our lap every other week!

Do you think Jenelle should be pregnant right now? Is this too much too soon or just right?


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Amy May

no she does not she cant even take care of her other son ,really she needs to grow up first..

nonmember avatar brittney

Kill me now and throw me in the river.....0_o

nonmember avatar stacy

I think her mom should make her raise her own babies

Whitney John

she cant takecare of jace she doesnt need another one ugh

Amber Vandergraph

No she cant handdle her life nor the kid she has so why another. Maybe if she can really get it together and really knows how to grow up then maybe. She still acts like a teen hen I think after having a baby its tim to see life for what it is and take on the things like a rown women. U know what made you that way stop saying that a teen dont know what makes a baby. So teen is not a word that should be used anymorewith her nor the rest of he girls on Teen Mom.

nonmember avatar Gennifer

Honestly I dont think she needs a baby and to be honest I think that she has been pregnant for a while as rumor has it and thats the reason they got married in he first place. I think Courtland is just as much of an idiot if he thinks a baby is going to bring on that secondchance jenelle cant forgive herself let alone someone else thats what he problem is and as long as Jenelle cant forgive n all then it can never work plus Jenelle doesnt believe in God either and what I dont understand is people cant see God but hey cant see the devil either so why would you say ones real oher isnt n yet this fruitcake Jenelle she doesnt believe in either one. Maybe just Maybe if she would just quit being so in her own world sbe would be able to figure out something

Destiny Allen

I understand the concern for not only Jace but also the new baby but saying she going to "pop another one out" is completely tacky. It is a baby, a living being. Using that term is a little over the top and it makes my stomach turn. 

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