'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Snooki's Pregnancy Wasn't as Easy as It Seemed

Jionni & SnookiOh, poor Snooki. She was miserable on tonight's episode of Snooki & JWOWW. She was nearing the end of her pregnancy and getting more uncomfortable by the moment.

For most of her pregnancy, we watched Snooki take it on with a sense of humor and a set of high heels on her feet. She definitely dialed her crazy behavior down a LOT and she wasn't her former meatball-ish self, but overall she made pregnancy look pretty darn easy. As we saw tonight, however, that wasn't always so for her.

At one point she said, "I'm tired of trying to make pregnancy look easy ... it's not."

Fortunately Jionni was sweet and comforting, and he seems to have an amazing family there for them. But I don't blame Snooki for being scared, and uncomfortable, and just ready to meet her baby already. "I'm over being pregnant," she said. "I can't take feeling like this anymore."

Hopefully it will happen next week. Previews seem to indicate it might, so let's hope they don't stretch things out too long, because what we really want to see is baby Lorenzo!

Meanwhile all Jenni wanted was for Roger to put a ring on it. And not just any ring, a $200,000 ring with a five-carat diamond in the middle surrounded by smaller pink diamonds. She said average wouldn't do since her tits aren't average, and well, I guess it's hard to argue with that.

As we know in real-life time, she did get her ring, and it looks a lot like the one she tried on tonight. So good for her. As far as I know, neither she nor Snooki has set a wedding date yet, and I for one still have my fingers crossed for a double wedding.

Would you like to see a double wedding for Snooki & JWOWW?


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Liz132 Liz132

Pregnancy isn't easy, I hate it when celebs try to make it seem that way. It puts unrealistic expectations on women. I hear so many women complaining near the ends of their pregnancies that it's so hard for them, that everything aches and they just want it to be done, if they'd only realise that basically everyone feels that way, that it is normal, that they aren't going through the most difficult pregnancy in history. I'm sure someone will say that's not true I felt wonderful my whole pregnancy, well good for you, most people don't.

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